Monday, April 19, 2010

Poor Little Bandit...

My little heart is broken for our pomeranian, Bandit.  We noticed that he has been itching, itching itching, but gathered that it was the time of year for allergies and his are always terrible in the Spring.  Until Friday morning.  While I was loving on him, I noticed that his little skin on his back was raw and bleeding.  I felt (and still feel) so terrible!  What kind of a doggie mother am I???  Obviously a terrible one that doesn't notice her poor doggie is suffering : (  So, I did what any other doggie mom would do, I cried and called the vet.  I made an appointment for him at 5:45 that evening, and tearfully left for work.  After spending a hefty chunk of change and almost two hours at the vet, Bandit now has some gross cream, a cone, and two strips shaved on his little back.  He looks pitiful.  And he is NOT HAPPY.

Hubby and I are exhausted.  Is this what it feels like to have a baby?  Bandit doesn't sleep, he just wanders around with his cone at night and runs into things.  I take his cone off as much as I can during the he can have a little relief and eat and drink.  But, if you don't watch him for a second, he is back to scratching and biting at his "hot spots" as the vet so thoughtfully referred to them.  I was cleaning the house on Sunday, and Bandit was sitting on the couch with the Mr.  I asked him, babe, could you please watch him while I change the sheets and put the laundry away?  Sure.  15 minutes later, I go to check on Bandit (on the couch with his daddy), and I see that his hot spots are raw a bleeding again.  Hubby is FIRED from watching the dog.  Really, 15 minutes???!!!  So, two whole days of recovery lost.  Very frusterating.

We have to watch him go potty, because if we take our eyes off of him for just a second, he scratches.  This morning, in my robe, I let him out to potty.  It rained in Houston all day yesterday, and one side of our yard pools with water when it's this wet.  Bandit went straight to the side of the yard and started rolling in the water.  Soaking.Wet.Doggie.  Then, when I ran for him, the little stinker ran all the way around the side of the house and dove into the water - nice.  So I had to carry him in, soaking wet, with grass, dirt and water half way up my legs.  Even nicer.  After I dried him off, fed him special expensive food, and tried to get him to drink some water, the cone was back on and I was attempting to get ready for work.  It's about 5:45 by this point of my morning.  Then, I dropped my orange juice on the bathroom counter and rug.  Lovely.  It's a wonder I made it to work today.  After I finished cleaning up my mess, and putting the bathroom rug in the washer, I look over and Bandit is on the bed, rolling around.  Great.  Now there is gross cream and blood on our brand new comforter.  Hubby is just thrilled.  I don't think it will fit in our washer, so I'm not quite sure what I am going to do with it...I guess a visit to the dry cleaner is in order.

If this is what it is like to have a baby - I AM NOT READY.  I'm so sad because little Bandit is sad and miserable, and I'm tired.  Just plain tired.  Two full weeks of this cone is going to be a trial.  Yes, I know things could be so much worse, and I'm very blessed and grateful that they are not, but MAN - this is not easy!


Shana said...

You haven't seen ANYTHING yet! That is a day in the park compared to having 2 kiddos =) LOL!

mjellis said...

Shana, that's what I'm worried about! I can't even keep up with a sick doggie - haha!