Thursday, January 5, 2012

Casey Athony Video

I was on maternity leave when the Casey Anthony trial was in full swing.  I was up every 3 hours feeding my new little man, and the only thing on all night long besides infomercials was the coverage of the trial on HLN.  I watched and watched and watched as this young lady's life unfolded, and as the lies unfolded one by one.  I watched her parents, wondering how it would feel to think that your daughter killed your precious granddaughter.  I watched the beautiful pictures and videos of adorable little Caylee, wondering just what happened to that little sweetie.

I wondered what Casey was thinking, feeling.  Was she just tangled in lies that she couldn't get out of?  Did she really hurt her little girl on purpose?  Was she grieving for her silently?  Or was she just upset that she got caught?  I had no idea.  But sitting there all hours of the night, in our guest room bed, cradling and feeding my new son, I couldn't imagine any of the scenarios being okay.  I cried a lot watching them, partly because I was beyond hormonal, and partly because it was just so terribly tragic and sad for everyone involved.  I was shocked when she was acquitted.  Shocked.

Now, she has released a YouTube video.  She talks about how she got a dog that she loves very much.  She says, "It's surreal how many things have changed and how many haven't".  I have no idea what it would feel like to lose my child, but I'm pretty sure I would have different things to say than that.  Especially if it was by a tragic accident.  For some reason, it makes me feel ill to watch her in this.  I pray that she gets better - whatever better is.

What do you think about this video?  Thoughts?  I know I'm too invested in her story.  Am I the only one?

Monday, January 2, 2012


I love Thanksgiving!  There are so many things about it that make me happy.

For one, it is an excuse to spend time with family, and get everyone together.  This makes me beyond happy.

Secondly, it kicks off Christmas!  Time to put up the tree, wrap presents, make bows, and plan plan plan!

We spent Christmas in Dallas at my parent's house this year.
My sweet Pappa came to spend the weekend with us.

I'm so thankful for this little man.  God sure did know what he was doing when he gave him to us!

I'm thankful for these smiles.  They melt my heart.

Look who is ALMOST crawling!  So so close!

My Mom made me this garland for Christmas.  Isn't it amazing?  I keep telling her that she needs to sell her stuff.  She is so talented. Thanksgiving wreath that she made me!  Love!  I hang it inside because I want to see it!  Isn't that silly?  She is making me another one to hang on my front door too :)


I'm beyond thankful for my precious husband.  He is such a wonderful father and partner.  I love "doing life" with him! 

Jaxson loves his Pappa!

And his Gigi

We went to the original Neimen Marcus in Dallas the day after Thanksgiving for pictures with Santa.  Jaxson loved it!  He loved Santa, the trees, and mostly Zaney the Zebra, which we rode for quite some time in the toy department.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

Christmas Picture Time!

Last month, my sweet and talented friend Kelly took our Christmas pictures.  I'm so happy with how they turned out!  They are all wonderful, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites :)

We had so much fun!  Thank you Kelly for the pictures, they are beyond amazing!!!