Saturday, June 21, 2014

Jaxson's First T-Ball Game!

My baby boy had his first T-Ball game today!

Why is he so big?
Would you judge me if I told you I cried a little when he was at bat for the first time?
It was a great morning.  It was Houston-First-Day-Of-Summer-Hot.  And these little boys are 3 & 4 years old.  There were tantrums.  There were tears.  There were kids not taking turns and kids sitting out full innings to eat snacks...(oops...that was my kid).  But, it was amazing.
And...I am pretty sure that I am going to like...I mean LOVE being a sports Momma.  I fell right into it...and it FELT.GREAT.
I loved cheering for my little man.  I struggled with stepping back and letting to coaches lead (shocking to everyone that knows me...I know, I know)
They were all so cute...just trying to figure out this "team" stuff.  Jaxson got, I didn't ask for it, it was just the jersey we were handed...and I love it!  I started thinking...oh my gosh...if he plays sports all the way through high school, will he want to stay #1?!  Relax Michelle, relax...
He wears a size XXS baseball pants.  You can buy them at Academy, just in case you were wondering.
Look, we even made a new friend!
Jaxson's Grandparents were so sweet to get up early and come brave the heat to see their Grandson play his first ever T-Ball game.  Here he is going over the post game wrap up with BopPa afterwards.
It's the truth.  I'm really into this sports mom stuff :)