Monday, April 19, 2010

Our First Married Easter

We had such a wonderful Easter!  We headed to Port O Connor to spend the weekend with Pappa and Daddy.  Pappa's house is my favorite place to spend Easter!
 On Saturday, Daddy took us to Sunday beach.  I spent weeks of my childhood on this beach.  I have such fond memories of this place.  As you can see, Bandit really enjoyed himself!  Not only did we catch him eating seashells, but he tried to eat hermit crabs too!
I was shocked - but he swam all over that ocean!  I think he was looking for more hermit crabs - haha!
Bandit, Daddy and Me
I took the hermit crab away - he would stop at nothing to get them!
Both of the Baptist Churches in Port O Connor get together each Easter Sunday and hold a sunrise service on the beach.  It is so beautiful!  The above pic is of the choir.  They are amazing!  My Pappa is second from the left.
They had the biggest turn out ever this year!  Pappa was so proud.  He has organized this service for as long as I can remember!
What a beautiful morning.  So peaceful.
I had to share a couple of pictures of Pappa's roses.  They were just so full and beautiful!
Our first Easter picture.
I hope you had a happy Easter too!

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