Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

We had a wonderful, relaxing Memorial Day, thanks to the Men and Woman that have fought for our freedom.  I often think of the families that support those individuals...their Mommas, Sisters, Daughters, Sons...and I am so thankful for them as well.  I've always known that I could never be a military spouse...I worry too much and I think it would consume me.  I have so much respect for those that support our military here at home.  Thank you all for what you do for our freedom and families.

We celebrated with my parents before they had to go back to Dallas.  And look what we made..
Snow Cones!  Did you have one of these when you were little? I did!  I saw it at Wal Mart last week and couldn't resist buying it for Jaxson.  I felt all those warm and fuzzy childhood memories when I saw it on the shelf.

As you can see...it didn't disappoint!  Jaxson LOVES it!

PopPa and Gigi were all about it too...

I couldn't resist sharing these cute little feet.  Jaxson is in a size 9 shoe now and I've had a hard time finding flip flops past a size 8 with the backs on them.  He is not coordinated enough to walk without the backs on them so I was super excited to find these Nike size 9s complete with backs!

My Daddy was so sweet and patient teaching Jaxson how to use it.  Warms my heart.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Jaxson is 3!!!!

I cannot believe that my baby is now a little boy!  We had a great 3rd birthday party and I wouldn't have changed a thing.  He was such a sweet boy and played really well with all of his friends.  I feel so blessed to be his mommy!

The entry way table.  I made a photo book each year for everyone to sign at the party, but I didn't get it done in time :(.  I felt like such a disorganized Momma this year!  I had people sign a piece of cardstock instead that I can add to his book when it gets here (tomorrow of course!).

The spread.  I made way too much food...there are too many dips and treats left in our house!

We had Rum Punch for the grown ups, and kool aid for the little firefighters.

I also went simple on the cake this year...instead of making it myself I ordered the cupcakes from HEB.  They were really good and very reasonable.

This jump jump was well worth the investment.  The kiddos loved it and wore each other out jumping and jumping.  Daddy enjoyed it too!

My sweet Pappa drove all the way from Port O Connor to come to Jaxson's birthday.  I'm so thankful he was able to make it!

4 Generations of Adams (well, I guess Jaxson and I are Ellis...)

Pappa treating Jaxson to a red cupcake


And of course, he got so many presents that we were still opening them the next morning...

This is one happy 3 year old boy!

Us ready for church the next day

And yes, he is still wearing his fireman hat!

And...I had to share the wreath I made...I was pretty proud of the way it turned out!

Thank you to all of precious family and friends that celebrated with us!  We are so grateful for each of you!