Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Packing, packing and more packing

I despise moving.  Really I do.  I used to love it.  When I was single and it was just me and Bandit against the world, I moved every time my lease was up.  I always figured, why not?  You only get to be young and single once!  I lived in The Heights area (near downtown), in The Woodlands, and then moved near my job on the Northwest side of town.  It was fun!  Now, moving an entire home, not so fun.  I just keep thinking of how exciting it will be to be in our new home!!!  That won't be ready for two more months.  UGH.

God is good.  He works everything out for us.

I am so incredibly grateful to my friend Missy that is letting us move into her townhome until our house is ready.  That is so gracious of her!  I am going over there on Wednesday so she can teach me everything I need to know and start getting settled.

This is what my house looks like right now.  A HOT MESS. 
It stresses me out.

It's pretty easy to pack up the things we are not going to need until we are in the new house.  The anxiety comes in when I determine what to put into storage and what to pack to take to Missy's house.  I guess there isn't anything that we couldn't buy if we needed it, right?

We are "supposed" to close on Friday, but the buyer's lender hasn't confirmed the funding yet, so it isn't totally finalized.  I promise you that I will do a post on this whole process and list out all the questions that I had.  I've never sold a home before, and man, there are lots of things to think about!

So, in order to not be stressed, I visit the new house.
We have a roof!
Here is the view from the front door.
We took Jaxson to visit for the first time!  Here we are in his bedroom.
The gameroom
The view from upstairs.  On the catwalk.  Is that really what you call that?  I think I'd rather say, "the landing".
Hubby is getting his three car garage at last.  And, it's even pretty!  I love the arches!

Any good packing advice???

Sunday, June 10, 2012

And the weekend comes to a close...

We had a wonderful weekend!  I hope you did too!  My Mom came in town to visit and to help us pack.  She is a gift from God in so many ways!  Jaxson was stuck to her all weekend and wouldn't let her out of his sight for a minute!  He cried every time she left the room, and got VERY upset when she left today.  It was the sweetest thing.  It warms my heart to see them be so close.  My Emommy is by far my favorite person in the whole entire world...and I want Jaxson to have that relationship with my Mom. 
Jaxson loves his Gigi!

Look what was added to our yard this week...
Eek!  We are scheduled to close this FRIDAY.  YIKES!
Jaxson and I took my Mom to our new house.  She loved it!  If you can tell, he is crying...because his Gigi handed him over to me and walked away to take our picture.  My gracious!
Jaxson is loving the vacuum.  Loving.  It's so funny.  I can't pull it out without him "helping" me.
He is loving these little blueberry muffins right now.  Is this not the cutest little bite taken out of there that you have ever seen????
His little hair has finally grown out.  Thank goodness.  I don't want to ever cut it again!

I went to my sweet friend Kristina's bridal shower.  She has the sweetest friends that remind me of my sorority sisters.  They are adorable and so much fun!  The theme of the shower was Thames & Co. because her new last name is going to be Thames.  It was SO cute!  I want to share a few pictures with you.
Here's Jaxson and me before I left.  They asked everyone to wear pearls on the invitation.  I thought that was such a fun idea!  And, it made me break out my nice stuff that I never wear anymore.
Her gift.  I love this wrapping paper.   I bought it from one of the neighborhood kiddos for a school fundraiser.
The Groom's Sister, Mom, The Bride to Be, and her Mom.  Such beautiful ladies!

This invitation
Her new initials

Isn't that the cutest shower?  I loved it!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!  I would love to hear about them!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Kitchen

Today we are linking up with Kelly's Korner - Show Us Your Kitchen!

I don't have great shots of mine because it is kind of in shambles due to the moving process.  But, here is what I do have.

The tops of our cabinets.  It took us quite some time to get them "just right".
A closer view.  We have a wine box. greenery, a basket full of grapes and some candle holders.

Above our fridge.  Before we put our house on the market we had tons of stuff on there, but I like it like this.  Minimalist.

I love this wine rack.  We have the wines that we brought back from Sandals on our Honeymoon.  We have to leave the wine rack with the new home owner.  I'm on a search for a new one as soon as we get into the new house!

Here is our breakfast area off of the kitchen and the living room.

I love that we have a high table because Jaxson's high chair sits at the same level as we do.  It makes it more of a family feeling!

Our "wine nook".  We will have a wine room in the new house, I can't wait!!!

I just love this print.  It makes me happy :)

Thanks for sharing part of our kitchen with us!

And, for fun...here is a picture of the new house as of this week!

I can't wait to look at everyone's kitchens for inspiration!!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jaxson Doing Chores....

I just couldn't resist sharing this.  Usually Jaxson runs from this dust buster...but last night he "did chores" for half an hour and threw a fit when I took it away!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Home Tour - Our Living Room

I think it's been at least a year since I've linked up with Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Life.  I love looking at everyone else's homes and meeting new blog friends - I've missed it!

She just started the Summer Tour of Homes.  I'm really excited to participate because we are moving out of our house in two weeks, and this way I will always have a way to remember what it looked like.  It is forcing me to take pictures before we tear down each room.

This week is living rooms!  Ours has made quite a bit of progress over the years.  I thought I had an old picture, but I can't seem to find one!  All the more reason to post some now, right?

I struggle with having a "style" in my home.  Hubby and I like modern things, and not too much clutter.  I love swirls and iron, and he loves big leather furniture and modern art.  We are a work in progress.  We fnally have our living room just like we want it, and, of course, it's time to move!

Here is the view of our living room from the kitchen.  I took these pictures this morning, and yes, Jaxson and Bandit are in most of them :)  I figure it's more authentic that way.

Here is the view as you walk into the room. 
Our entertainment console.  We shopped for over a year to find one that we liked.  Turns out, when we bought this huge TV, I didn't realize how hard it would be to find furniture that size.  We finally found one last year and I'm crazy about it.  Jaxson is too.  He loves to open and close the doors, and to put toys inside.

I love how open our floor plan is.  The bar level ledge behind the sofa is the perfect spot for barstools when we have people over.  We used to have cute things on our coffee table, that is, before we had a toddler ;)
I love these pillows.  They are poka dotted on the other side.  We bought them about a year ago, and they were a huge splurge.  They were way more than I would normally spend on pillows, and they weren't even on sale, but I'm glad we did.  I really like them and they have held up really well.
This is the sitting area on the other side of the living room.  I love these chairs.  They are super big and comfortable.  I think we may move them into the media room in the new house. 
And o course, Jaxson's toy box.  Very important items live in there!

I can't wait to see all of your living rooms!  I need inspiration!