Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sweet Home Alabama

I recently took Jaxson to spend a week in Alabama to see my extended family...my Edaddy and Aunt Cindy. They live on the Tennessee River, and we had a amazing time!  My parents and my sister drove in, and Jaxson and I flew.  I've gotta tell you flying with a 2 year old is not easy.  On the way there, he was a good boy, sitting in his big boy seat and watching his movie (Brave is the favorite right now...he calls it Bear) and eating his snacks.  He got really scared when we started to descend.  I think it hurt his little ears.  The flight attendant would not let him sit in my lap.  So, my sweet, scared little guy cried for about 15 minutes...I mean, really cried like I have never heard him before, and then made himself sick.  It was awful and heartbreaking, not being able to hold him, only being able to lean over him in the seat and try to hold him down.

So, on our way home....after sitting on the runway for over an hour before we took off...I shared this little tale with the flight attendant.  He said that he can absolutely sit in my lap, but that we just can't share a seat belt.  Problem solved!  Jaxson climbed in my lap when we started to descend, I held him and loved on him, and no problems.  Just so you know...that is an option...

Anyway...we had a fantastic vacation.  We spent time at Edaddy's and Cindy's and had the best time ever.  Jaxson named Cindy "Cha Cha" which still makes me giggle.  I love it.

Get ready for picture overload...
Jaxson with my Daddy, PopPa
Mom & Me

Aunt Cinny's House.  I wake up there each morning thinking, wow...I could live somewhere like this.  There is just something so calming, so peaceful about the water.  If I could talk hubby into moving here...I would in a heart beat.
Arts and crafts on the patio
He LOVES riding in the buggy.
Jaxson's first rope swing.  Val and I have been fighting over whos turn it is to swing for the last 25 years.  
This is Morgan.  She is the kindest sole I've ever met.  In case you can't tell, Jaxson adores her.  He calls her Gorgan.

She has arthirtis.  Bad.  She can barely walk.  Jaxson doesn't care.  He would sit with her for hours.

Val and Aunt Cinny
On the boat
"Jaxson Drive?"
Mom & Aunt Cinny.  Sweet Sisters.
Jaxson loves his PopPa
Jaxson, Val & Me
Jaxson, Val & Mom
My precious, perfect Edaddy, Jaxson & Me

We can't wait to come back for a visit!  Jaxson has been asking for Gorgan, Cha Cha, and DDaddy since we got home!  I feel so blessed to have such wonderful loving family!