Monday, December 8, 2014

School Pics 2014

We have Jaxson in a Primrose school, and we LOVE it!  The staff is amazing and he's learning so much more than I believe he would be in a MDO program or Preschool.  I'm so thankful for his school!

And...they always have the best photographers.  I LOVE his school pics from this year.  He looks so grown up...I just had to share!

This one is my absolute favorite!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

30 Things Before 30...WOW...

So...4 years ago...yes FOUR years ago...and as a lovely 28 year old...I made a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30.  I stumbled across this post while I was looking through my blog for my Summer Squash Bake (which I've now pinned so that exercise should never happen  I thought it would be fun to see what progress I've made...and how these things have changed!

1. Read the Bible. Yes, all of it. Well...this didn't really work out.  BUT - I've honestly made great progress.  I'm 83% of the way through!

2. Become and active and contributing member of a Church.  YES!  We've joined Fairfield Baptist Church, and I've been getting active!  I've done two of the women's bible studies and I substitute in the nursery from time to time.  

3. Treat my Mom to a spa day.  Done!

4. Get Jeff a racing day. Oh goodness...I think he's had at least a dozen.
5. Organize my recipe book.  Done!

6. Get on a schedule where I make a point to see my girlfriends once a month. Both sets of them.  I'm getting better at this one!

7. Get hardwood floors! - Well, we bought a new we have all new floors!

8. Pay off my new car - Well, it's not new anymore...but it's just about paid for... turns out a child was more expensive than I ever could have imagined!

9. Finish emergency fund.  Well, I finished it for what my target was at the time, but due to our standard of living changes I'd like to have a larger one in place.

10. Work out 3x weekly for a month Yeah...this one was a fail.  Life is too busy for this right now. 

11. Organize closets (all three of them!) - Done!

12. Paint our home - all the rooms! - Done in our old house!  Thankfully I don't want to paint anything in the new house!

13. Buy bedroom furniture - Done!

14. Daily devotionals - Doing them!  Spending time with God daily makes a HUGE difference in my day.  I can totally tell on days where I don't take the time.

15. Join a volunteer organization - Done!

16. Tithe the entire 10% - Always - no matter what.  I have done this & I, am very happy that I have.  I feel like I am doing the right thing, and showing God how grateful I am and that I can be a responsible steward of his money.

17. Adopt a family for Christmas - Yes!  This is our second year doing this and I LOVE it!

18. More DIY projects - I know I can be crafty!  I've done quite a few, and plan on doing more!

19. Have a booth at a craft show - This is likely never going to happen, I work too much unfortunately. 

20. Take a wine 101 class - Done! In Fredericksburg! It was great! 

21. Have wedding dress cleaned / repaired - Done! It's all cleaned and boxed up...for something... 

22. Make a scrapbook for 2009 - There is no time for things like this...

23. Finish wedding book - Done! 

24. Order wedding album - Please don't judge...We've been married 5 years and I haven't even thought about it...maybe in 2015 

25. Get rings sautered - Done!

26. Buy Jeff a nice watch - Oops...sorry honey.  You've taken up racing one a month instead :)

27. Get a T-Shirt quilt made - This one is still on this's just finding the time...

28. Refinish table in the man room - I can't even remember what table I was talking we will just conside this one done...

29. Sew stockings from wedding fabric - I ordered stockings from Pottery need for this one any longer!

30. Sew tree skirt from wedding fabric - I still want to do this!

It's so fun looking back and seeing how much things have changed!  Looks like I accomplished 23 of the 30 tasks...I think I'll take it!  Perhaps I should make a before 35 list....

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that you and your family had a fantastic Thanksgiving!  I thought I'd share a few pictures of our Thankful day!

We had a wonderfully full house.  We switch off every other year with each of our parents, and this year was hubby's year.  My family went to Alabama to spend it with my Mom's family.

So, we had our little family, Hubby's parents, Hubby's sister, brother in law and my precious nephew, and my PapPa!  It was a great group and we had a wonderful time!

We had tons of yummy apps and snacks and a great dinner!  It's always fun to combine traditions and different meals that people like.  I love it.

This is my new favorite, easy breakfast, compliments of my favorite friend, Brandy.  You cook 1 roll of sausage and mix with one box of cream cheese.  Then, you take a roll of crescent rolls, and cover the bottom of a greased 9x13 pan.  Spread the sausage & cream cheese mixture over it, and then top with another roll of crescent rolls.  Bake for 13 minutes at 350 degrees and you have breakfast!  Everyone loved it and it was SO easy.  I even reheated the leftovers at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes the next day and they were just as good.

Sorry for the picture overload!  We have pictures of the whole group, but my in laws made the decision not to share pictures of my nephew online, which I completely respect :)  So, you're missing some of that cuteness!

I LOVE setting the table with my best things!  It makes me so happy! (Yes, I need dining room curtains...I can't find ones that I'm in love with).

I LOVE arrangements.

I love fall decorations.  I leave them up until the day after Thanksgiving because I enjoy them so much!  No early Christmas in this household.
Jaxson spent the day washing his cars, playing outside, and loving on his Great PapPa.

And some time swinging with Momma.
I started a new tradition this year.  I wanted to do something that would encourage us all to talk about what we were Thankful for, but I wasn't in love with any of the projects that I saw on Pinterest.  My friend Courtney sent me a picture of a table cloth that she was starting...where everyone would write what they were thankful for each year and they would add to it.  I loved that idea, but we are messy eaters (and a little clean crazy)...and I was worried about washing it.  So, I made a Thankful Banner!  Of course, I did it the night before, so I didn't have time to buy a stencil to write "Thankful" in the middle, but I'll do that before next year.  So, we all wrote what we are thankful for with our names and the year.  I'll pull it out each year and whoever is celebrating with us can join in!  I think it will be so fun to look back over the years and see how things have changed.  I love it!

How was your Thanksgiving?  I love to see everyone's homes and celebrations!



Wednesday, October 29, 2014


How is it that my baby started Preschool this year?

He is so big...and so cute...and so precious...

I can't believe it is going by so quickly!  We are going to be looking at graduation pics in a hot minute!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Jaxson's Ring Bearer Experience...

Jaxson was recently in one of my best friend's wedding!  We were so nervous excited to see how he did!  Here he is resting up for the big day...

We celebrated his birthday while we were there.  The folks at the Hilton were fantastic!

Our family.

The beautiful bride and her house party.  I've loved these women for the past 14 years.  Isn't that crazy?!  

The after party

These are the pics from the photographer that the bride sent to me.  I LOVE all the pics of my sweet Jaxson. (And yes, I ordered them all, they just aren't here yet!)

Livia, as Jaxson lovingly called her.  He followed her around everywhere!

Bored while the girls are getting ready

So cute!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Girls Weekend - NOLA!

We recently took a girl's trip to NOLA to celebrate my sweet friend Lenti's bachelorette weekend!  We NEEDED some girl time!  And...I love NOLA!

There's good food....


And great friends...

And SO many giggles!

Even though we are all growing up...we still know how to have a fantastic time!

The bride to be with her AXO little sis

We thought these masks were a great idea...

We tried amazing drinks...and had a great dinner at GW Fins.  I absolutely recommend it!

Pre drinks before our Ghost Tour!

I can't remember what this drink was called, but it was NO JOKE!

This has been a favorite bar of mine for years.  I used to cover NOLA as a territory at my previous job, and my boss used to always take me to Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop.  It's an actual Blacksmith shop from way back when and now it's an open air bar.  So fun.

Our tour guide for the Haunted History Tour.  It was actually really interesting!

I had to take a picture of this for my sweet little Jax!


Moms on the loose!

I'm ready for another girls trip....time to start planning!!!!