Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fives

Happy Friday Ladies!  Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?  Hubby and I are heading to Dallas to celebrate my Mom's birthday!  I can't wait to be home with my parents - it's literally my favorite place in the world!

Just week's Friday Fives from Beth at Just Me and My Life is...

Your Wish list!!!

Fun!  I love wish lists!  It's funny, the older I get the more practical they become...haha!

Here is my wishlist, in no particular order...

Obagi Skincare.  This stuff is amazing, my Mom uses it and her skin looks younger than mine sometimes!  It is expensive, but hey, it's my FACE right?
I would really like a new pair of Miss Me jeans...I just love how they fit!
And to go with those beautiful jeans...I have been pining away for some beautiful nude heels.

A new shower head for our master bath shower.  We have the standard builder grade one now, and I just hate it.

I love this Vera Wang ring holder.  Isn't it pretty?  I put my Aggie ring and my wedding ring on the candle holder in our bathroom each night.  I would love to have a ring holder for them, because they are so special!

I would like to have a couple more of these trivits.  We got one as a wedding gift, but I need two more or so to protect our kitchen table.

I want a stainless steel trash can.  Nothing can beat the beautiful white plastic one we have now - haha!  But, I would love one like this -
I know this seems weird...but I want something to transport my deviled eggs in.  Hubby loves them, and I don't make them very often because putting them in tupperware is such a mess, they always fall over and get all yucky.  I want this!
I want a new utensil holder.  We are using one that hubby got from his parent's house, and it is not my taste or something I like.  I want one like this!

We got all of our china place settings from our lovely friends and family when we got married.  But, we did not get all of our serving pieces, or all of our stemware.  I would love to complete the sets!

Can you tell I'm feeling domestic lately??? 

Link up to Beth's Blog and share your wish lists!

I hope you all have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!!!


Lauren Thomas said...

Sometimes you do have to splurge a little on yourself! Great list - have a great weekend!

Beth McC. said...

I love everything on your list! I want one of those trashcans too but they are so darn expensive!!
Thanks for doing my Friday Fives!! Have a great weekend!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Love the ring holder! I went to Cracker Barrel and was browsing their gift shop and found a really cute small fish bowl to put my engagement ring in. I love it! :)

Have a great weekend! Great 'wish list' :)

Laura said...

Your list is awesome, I need a cup cake holder so I totally get wanting the deviled egg holder. lol

I will also take a pair of those nude heels size 8 please. :)