Friday, March 16, 2012

I miss you all!

Hi Friends!

I have been MIA forever.  I'm so so sorry!  Life has been crazy wonderful and I just haven't made blogging at

Here's a little catch up on where our lives have been lately.

Jaxson just turned 10 months old!  Can you believe it?  I absolutely can not.  He is the most precious little man in the whole entire world.  He is WALKING!  He started about three weeks ago.  It's just amazing to watch him learn and grow. He is the best thing hubby and I have ever done!  He says mamma and dada and ba for Bandit, our dog.  They play so well together and have become fast friends.

I've been at my new job for 6 months now, and it is super stressful.  I'm getting a little better at it, but it is HARD.  This type of sales does not come naturally to me, but I'm getting better each week, I think.

We are seriously considering buying a new house.  Building one, that is.  I am praying that it is the right thing because it scares me to death.  Selling our home and a bigger house payment scare me to death!  Any advice from those of you that have done this?

I finally got Jeff to Alabama!  My Emommy has been very sick, and we thought we were going to lose her last month.  Thankfully, we did not, but Jaxson, Jeff and I hopped on a plane the next day and headed to Alabama.  Jaxson did great.  Traveling with him in an airport was a little stressful, but he was a champ.  I'm so proud of him.  And, he got to meet my Edaddy, and it was perfect!  Just like I knew it would be!

We even took a day trip to Nashville.  I loved it there!  Such a fun place.  I would love to go for a grown up weekend trip :)

Right now I'm planning Jaxson's first birthday, and it's a jungle theme!  SO fun!  So, between doing that and all the house stuff, and stressing about work, our plates are pretty full!

I miss my blog friends!  What is going on with all of you?