Monday, September 28, 2009


does my husband feel the need to move my stuff!

I was doing laundry yesterday, and I emptied my jeans pocket in the closet. I took out a receipt from lunch, and my access card to my office (looks like a credit card). I set these on the dresser in the closet.

This morning, I went to the dresser to retrieve my access card, and it was gone. I generally spend at least 10 minutes in the morning trying to remember where I put things, or what I was supposed to take to work...etc, so this did not surprise me.

I tell my dear husband that I cannot find my access card and that it was on the dresser with a receipt, and ask him if he could please help me find it.

Then I get "the look". The "uh-oh, I just realized that I did something Michelle isn't going to like and she has discovered it" look.

Jeff: "Um...I threw that away yesterday"
Me: "Why would you do that"
Jeff: "Because I knew it was trash"
Me: "It wasn't trash, that is the way that I get into my office!!!!"
Jeff: "I figured it was from that place you went to the other day"
Me: "What place? What are you talking about?"
Jeff: "Um...that think it's still in the blue garbage can outside..."

Then he went out and fished it from the garbage can for me, which I appreciate.

He is going to make me crazy at a young age if he keeps doing this stuff. If he hadn't been home, I would have looked for who knows how long for that thing! I have already lost two, and I couldn't figure out where they had gone - I am pretty sure that I know now....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mobile Cupcakes!

Look What I made!
I am really getting into baking, and I would really like to share my baking with my family. Unfortunately, my family doesn't live here in Houston. So, for my Edaddy's birthday, I decided to ship him cupcakes.

They look messy, but I don't think he will mind : )

It really was fun putting them together, and I hope that he loves them.

Here's what I did...
I bought a dozen 1/2 pint Kerr mason jars. I wanted the wide mouth kind, but I couldn't find them. I had a very difficult time finding the jars. After 3 grocery stores, I finally bit the bullet and went to Wal Mart. I wondered through all of the food aisles, and failed. Then, I went up and down EVERY aisle trying to find them. FYI - they are by the tupperware stuff. Go figure.
I made half a box of white cake and half a box of devils food cake into cupcakes.
After they cooled, I pulled them apart and made two halfs. I put frosting on the seam and put them back together. Then I squished the cupcake into the jar. This is when the messy part happened. I think that it would not be so sloppy with the wide mouth jars. Then, I added a layer of frosting, and added a cupcake on top. I topped with frosting and sprinkles.
I played with different combos of frosting and cupcakes, just for fun : ) Then, I froze them all for 2 days. It is my hope that they will defrost slowly during shipping. I boxed them up, and off they went on the UPS truck! They should arrive tomorrow, I'll let you know how they make it!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

College Football!!! Big 12

So ladies, College Football is about to start!!! This is my favorite time of year, I love staying home, grilling and watching College Football! Of course, I am partial to the Big 12, being an Aggie and all. I am really hoping that we have a better season this year. Here are ESPN's picks for the Big 12 games this weekend -

Iowa State - North Dakota State

Iowa State is the pick.

Baylor - Wake Forest

Baylor is the pick, but not by much. Last year, they lost this game 41-13 at home. This would be an upset, which my husband loves : )

Oklahoma State - Georgia

Oklahoma is the pick, but only by a few points. The Bulldogs have a terrible record on the road, 30-4 with Mark Richt. Ouch.

Illinois - Missouri

Illinois is the pick. This is the annual Arch Rivalry, and Illinois has lost 4 straight!

Nebraska - Florida Atlantic

Nebraska is favored, but quite a bit! Zac Lee is making his first career start with the Cornhuskers. Nebraska has a talented defensive front that will make victory difficult for the Owls.

Oklahoma - BYU

Oklahoma is picked to dominate BYU. They are playing at the Dallas Cowboy's new stadium in Arlington - for its first college game! So exciting! Oklahoma has 9 starters on their defense returning this year - so they will be a powerhouse. I really like Oklahoma, I think they have a great program. (Except when they are playing my Aggies)

TAMU - New Mexico

We are picked to win!!!! We lost our first game of the season last year, and that set a losing tone. We need a better start this year! Whoop!

Texas - Louisiana Monroe

Of course Texas is picked to win. I don't like Texas, of course. My Daddy and I argue about this year after year - that just because I am an Aggie doesn't mean that I have to root against them. Yes, actually it does. Just because they are a Texas school does not mean that I have to support them. Yes, I am bitter. The Longhorns have won their last 9 openers by a margin of 43 points - this game should be no exception.

Kansas - Northern Colorado

Kansas is picked to demolish the Bears.

Texas Tech - North Dakota

Texas Tech is picked to blow them out of the water! It will be interesting to see how Michael Crabtree's absence effects their offense.

Kansas State - Massachusetts

K State is the pick.

Colorado - Colorado State

Colorado is picked to win this Sunday game. CSU is inexperienced at the quarterback position - and are waiting until game day to name their starter.