Friday, April 2, 2010

30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge - Day 2

"Through love serve one another" Galations 5:13b

I hope yesterday went great! My hubby was thrilled with all the nice, wonderful things I said to him - he just soaked it all up!

Today, find some way that your husband is serving you or your family. Does he help around the house? Take care of the car? Fix things that are broken? If your budget allows, give him a new, small tool with a big bow attached. But make sure he doesn't think it's part of a "Honey Do" list!
Hubby is very handy, but I'm not going to buy him a tool. I am VERY confident that he has all the tools he wants / needs, and I would most likely purchase the wrong thing - ha! But, I will tell him again how much I appreciate that he is my handy man!

Maybe your husband is not a handyman, but does he run errands for you? Take care of you when you are sick? Help you make decisions? Praise him for his willingness to serve others. Let him know that you see his unique service as a great strength.

Happy Good Friday to all of you! I am in awe of this day and what it represents. It is incredibly humbling to me, I am not even sure how to take it all in. God is so amazing.


Veronika said...

i love this post! My husband and I are always careful to make sure we thank each other for what we do for each other...that acknowledgment is super important for couples so no one feels that they are taken for granted :)

Mrs. Hesson said...

I love this. I think I might do it, too. What a neat idea!