Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Observations from bedrest...

I've observed quite a few things while I have been on bed rest for the past 9 days...

* Besides All My Children, daytime TV leaves a lot to be desired.  Which, by the way, abc is cancelling!!!  I am just heartbroken.

* Bed rest is proving to be a little expensive.  It's way too tempting to buy things online!  Monogrammed baby things are my weakness, as well as gifts for future Aunts, Grandparents, etc.  I've already spent all my budgeted shopping money for the rest of the month...oops.

* I never realized just how much I did around our household.  Not that Hubby isn't helpful, but I pretty much do everything inside of this house.  He does all of the outside stuff, including the car and the garage, and I do everything inside.  If I miss a couple of days of my cleaning of the kitchen, doing the dishes, or just picking up in general, this place becomes a mess.  Hubby does not see things this way, not at all.  He thinks he is very helpful.  We had a very long argument discussion about this last night.

* Me not grocery shopping = no food at our house.  I am having flashbacks to the time when Hubby and I first started dating and all he had in this house were ramen noodles, girl scout cookies and iced tea.  That is pretty much all he needs to survive, and pretty much all he deems necessary.

* Condensing my normal 10 hour workday into 3 hours is not only a challenge, it is virtually impossible.

* Boys just are not as thoughtful as girls.  I think women, by nature, are much more inclined to go out of their way to do something for someone else.  I guess it's just the Mars vs. Venus thing?

* Being able to nap whenever I like is very nice.  I really like that part of bed rest :) 

* Bandit knows something is up.  He lays in front of the couch, or on the bed with me all day long.  When I get up to potty, or to get a drink of water, he is right on my heels.  He is such a sweet, sensitive little doggie.

* On TV shows, everyone has fresh flowers in their homes.  Not just daises or carnations, but beautiful flowers.  I think I would like to constantly keep beautiful floral arrangements in my home, but I think that would get pretty expensive.  Do you keep fresh flowers in your home?


Kristen said...

I had to laugh out loud about the inside/outside job responsiblities because that is exactly how my husband and I are! And my H thinks he is very helpful too! ;-)haha I tried getting fresh flowers for our house for a while, but I didn't keep up with it. I would just get a pretty bunch from target and they actually lasted a really long time!

Shana said...

So sorry about the bedrest. I had to do it for only 6 days with Olivia and drove myself insane....hang in there! I am sure you have heard it, but enjoy the rest you're getting now. You'll need it in a few weeks!!