Tuesday, February 23, 2010

14 Day Love and Respect Challenge - Day 10

So, last night I fulfilled my challenge, and listened to hubby talk about all of the news shows he saw yesterday, and tell me about all the weather all over the state - this was very interesting to him. And, I listened. And then, to take it one step further, I watched a show with him that he just loves and I truly think is terrible - South Park. He loves this show and laughs and laughs. I think it is awful and totally inappropriate, but I watched it with him. He truly seemed pleased.

Day 10

Apologize. Think back over the last couple of days (or weeks) when you should have apologized for something. Say, "I was reflecting on something that I said the other day. I said that disrespectfully. What I said was wrong. I am sorry. Will you forgive me?" He may have been 90% to blame. This is not done to re-open the subject. you are apologizing for YOUR disrespectful part. If he starts justifying himself just say, "Honey, You don't have to get into that. I am apologizing for acting disrespectfully. Will you forgive me?" When he says, "Yes," respectfully say, "Thank you," & go do something else. Walk away. Please do not use this as an occasion to rehash the conflict. The showing of respect during this two weeks is not done for the purpose of getting him to look at his failure to love. You are showing respect in obedience to God's word.

I have been really good at apologizing. We are learning to apologize and forgive even the littlest things in our bible study, and I have a really guilty conscience - so I tend to apologize quickly. I will give him a general, "I'm sorry for any time that you felt I didn't respect you, can you forgive me?". I think he will like that : )

Good Luck!


Annie said...

you have a really cute blog pretty girl!
i have recently been talking to my best friend about love and respect in relationships. i am working on improving my relationship with my fiance and it all has to do with respect. i love this challenge you have posted about, i need to look into it some more.

mjellis said...

Thanks Annie! I am so happy that you like the challenge - respect is something we struggle with too :)