Monday, March 1, 2010

Marriage Monday

Today we are participating in Married Monday's from Marriage Tales. Today is Introduce Your Spouse!

Here is Jeff, my wonderful hubby -


Jeff is 29, with his 30th birthday quickly approaching. He sells payroll services for a national company, and loves his job! I'm so proud of him. He loves all things sports. He is a huge Texans fan, loves the Astros, and enjoys following the Rockets. He and my Dad share a love for NASCAR as well.

Here are a few fun facts about my husband -

He is very neat. Like, OCD neat. Not Clorox clean, unfortunately, however. He cannot stand clutter. I, on the other hand, like things clean, but am not bothered by clutter at all.

He loves his family. He would do anything for them (or us, I guess I should say!)

He loves our dog, Bandit, more than life itself. It's adorable how he dotes on that dog. He is our child.

He wants a racecar. Not one like NASCAR, but one that he can mess with and take to some type of race track. We are working on this goal. I don't really understand it, but I agree that he needs some type of hobby and something to keep him busy. So, a racecar it will be!

Jeff is very loyal. To his God, to his wife, to his family, to his friends. This is one of the initial things that attracted me to him. He is a wonderful son, friend, brother and husband.

I am a lucky girl!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting with me! I need to find my a hubby a hobby. I think he's leaning towards golf. Drew always gives me a hard time for spoiling out dog but he's right there with me cause he does too!

mjellis said...

Thanks for doing these, it's fun! We have thought about golf lessons too...I need to look into that!