Monday, February 8, 2010

14 Day Love and Respect Challenge

I came across a new blog this week, the Women's Marriage Ministry. I love it! She is currently doing the 14 day Love and Respect Challenge. I am starting a week behind, but I'm really excited to try it! As a new wife, I have a little trouble with the respect part of my marriage, most times I think I know better than my husband does, and I'm struggling with letting that go. I'm hoping this challenge will help me out in that area : )

So, here is day 1 - Tonight or tomorrow when your spouse comes home, greet them at the door. Don't yell from another room. Physically meet them at the door. Let them know that you missed them today. (even if you didn't)

Well, hubby gets home hours before I do, and I can pretty much predict that he will be on the sofa, the computer in his lap, watching the news when I walk into the door. He never gets up. Ever. Not that I expect him to, but it would be nice to be greeted at the door. to modify this exercise for our situation, I am going to hug him on the sofa when I get home and tell him that I missed him today. I usually say hi, and then greet the dog, because he is always oh-so-excited to see me, and then I do whatever dishes are left in the sink and start dinner. So tonight, I'll take a minute and hug him and tell him I missed him.

I'll let you know how it goes!

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Very sweet :) It's the little things!