Tuesday, February 9, 2010

14 Day Love and Respect Challenge - Day 2

So, last night didn't go completely as planned, but it worked out very well. Hubby called and said he was getting his new radio system (it's called something else but I can't remember what, something that I don't see necessary - making the music louder, but it makes him happy) and asked if I would pick him up there and take him to dinner so that he didn't have to wait there for another couple of hours. Of course I said yes, I love going out to eat! When I picked him up, I gave him a big smooch and told him that I missed him today. He answer was, "No, you didn't, but that's a nice thing to say" haha!

Anyway, we had a wonderful dinner at a new sushi place, and then spent the next 2 hours and Garden Ridge waiting for his car to be done. I didn't realize that he had never been there with me. He really enjoyed it! He got a new cooler, a file box for his car, and a new tool for his grill. I got a stand for my cookbook, and new towel hook for our bathroom that we just painted, some hangers, and a cute little towel wrap that I am going to have monogrammed for his sister for a wedding shower gift. All that for $65! We had so much fun looking at all of the art, and planning new things that we would like to do to our home. It's so hard to drag him to stores to do stuff like that, but I think he really enjoyed it and was appreciative that he wasn't sitting at Car Toys. I'm going to work on greeting him as soon as I get home for the remainder of the challenge. Maybe then it will become a habit : )

Day 2 Challenge

I think this one will be easy for me. Here it is -

Greet your husband and give him a hug. Let him know again that you missed him or were thinking about him today. Again, this is secondary to what you are really feeling. Just do it. If he says something like, "Wow, two days in a row. Do you want money or something"? Ignore it. He is saying this to you because he is noticing your actions and they feel good to him. What may feel like sarcasm to you is playful bantering to him. After you hug him, leave the room. Don't allow for a conversation about your new behavior. This isn't a game, we are just trying to avoid getting into a discussion of unresolved issues that you are not equipped to handle just yet.

Good luck! If you are participating, let me know how it is going!

I came across this verse today, and it just seems so fitting to all the little fights and arguments that seem to happen day to day.

This is the day the Lord has made: let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24

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