Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jaxson's First Swim!

During our fabo trip to Dallas, Jaxson went for his first little swim in my parent's swimming pool!  He LOVED it!

My Daddy made him a little float, and it was the perfect thing for him! 
Floating with Grandpa and Gigi

Floating with Aunt Vallie

He is going to be a water baby for sure, which is perfect, because hubby and I both love the water!

Loving my Gigi!

Mom & Aunt Vallie

Lounging with Aunt Vallie and Gigi

I love our little water bug!


Nicole-Lynn said...

So cute! :)

Mrs.Olson said...

So fun ! Hey, You are in GREAT SHAPE !!!

CanDance English said...

So very cute, Michelle... My mom is known as GiGi too... I am glad to read that your life is getting a little bit easier and you are doing well adjusting! :)