Sunday, August 28, 2011

3 Months Old!

My Sweet, Precious Jaxson, YOU are 3 Months Old!

How did this happen so quickly?

You are the most amazing thing I've ever done.  Ever.

You weigh 15.5 lbs and are 25 inches long, from my measurements.  No Dr. appointment this month :)

You have been sleeping through the night since you were two months old.  7-9 hours at a time!  It is amazing!

You are eating like a champ!  You eat about 48 ounces of breastmilk each day!  Usually about 6oz when I feed you from a bottle.  You are so good, and go from breast to bottle like it is the most natural thing ever.  Two weeks ago, I started giving you one bottle of formula in the afternoon to get your little system used to it for when I went back to work.  You do great with it!  I feel so lucky that you are so easy going with your food.  But - I decided to keep breast feeding you for now, so you are still just getting the one serving of formula each day.  We also started giving you 1/2 tbsp. of rice cereal in your bottle for your last feeding each evening.  You love it!

We have a bedtime routine now.  After your 8PM feeding, we sit on the couch for about half an hour and relax while your food settles.  Then, we have your bath in your blue bathtub in the kitchen sink. You LOVE your bathtime!  We use lavendar scented soap, and it is so nice and calming.  You love to grab the washcloth when I drape it over the faucet - you never tire of that game!  After that, you get all lotioned up and dressed in your pajamas.  Then we have your rice cereal bottle and read a story.  We have been reading The Cat in The Hat, and One Fish Two Fish.  You like to stare at the pictures while I read and you relax with your paci.

You are sitting in your Bumbo chair!  It's wonderful - we put you in there on the kitchen counter while we cook dinner and wash dishes. You love watching us!

You started playing in your jump jump too!  You love grabbing all of the toys and the sounds that it makes.

You also love sitting in your rainforest bouncing chair.  You smile and smile at the waterfall and the monkey on there.  It is the sweetest thing.  You are so tall that I am worried you might outgrow it!  Your little legs hang over the edge!

You are starting to look more and more like a little baby and not an infant.  I can't believe it is happening so fast.

You play with toys!  You love toys and try to grab them.  Most of the time you are successful!  They go straight into your mouth.

You love to chew on our hands.  It makes me wonder if you aren't teething already?  You drool like a leaky faucet.  We go through lots of bibs.

You are still in a size 1 diaper, but I have a feeling those days are running out.

You are wearing all kinds of sizes of clothes, it just depends on what it is.  You can wear some things that are 0-3, all your 3 month, and some that are 3-6 months.  You are so tall that you can't straighten your legs out in your 3 month sleepers.

Your little smile lights up my world.  Truly. You have started to recognize faces. You know my face and Daddy's face for sure.  You are not scared of strangers and you will let anyone hold you or feed you.  You love everyone.

I thank God for you each and every day.  I am so thankful that you are such a happy, healthy baby.


Mrs.Olson said...

Love the updates and the bedding in the bedroom. I have been shopping for one for a month and saw that one but couldnt tell what it looked like set up. Looks pretty cute !

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw what a sweet post! He's doing so well, and just so so cute! I can't believe he's sleeping through the night like that! That's wonderful! :)

Love that last picture! :)