Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dallas Trip!

Grandpa, Jaxson & Gigi

Gigi, Jaxson, Me & Aunt Cinny
We spent an amazing weekend with my parents in Dallas!
Jaxson & Aunt Cinny meeting for the first time

Gigi, Jaxson & Aunt Cinny

Jaxson loving on Aunt Vallie

Grandpa feeding his little man

It was extra special because my Aunt Cinny came to spend the week with us all the way from Alabama!
Yogi came all the way from Alabama to spend the week with us :)

The best of friends

Jaxson & Me getting ready for a swim

Cutest water baby evah!

We had such fun - we swam, met all of Gigi's friends, spent time with Aunt Cinny and Aunt Vallie...it was wonderful!

Swimming wears him out!

Cool Dude!

Hubby drove us to Dallas, and my Daddy drove us home.  We had such a wonderful time.  It meant so much to me that my family got to spend some good quality time with him while he is still a little baby.  They don't get to see him every week, and that makes me so sad.
This swimming stuff is hard work!

Us trying to use the self timer on my camera - FAIL.

Grandpa recording a story for Jaxson

Hopefully we can do it again very soon!


Candice said...

I hope you get to come again soon!!! Jaxson is so precious! :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw! I can't believe how fast he's growing! He's looking more like his own self rather than just a baby. Hope that makes sense! :)

I'm glad you had fun with the family! It seemed like a fun trip!

Eboix said...

awww looks like yall had a great time with family!