Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crockett Summer Weekend!

Hubby and I decided about a month ago that we needed a weekend away with some good friends.  Since this summer has been so busy and so expensive, we decided to head to his family's lakehouse in Crockett, Texas with some of his fraternity brothers.  We had so much fun!
This is Terrence at Don Rafa's - the tallest ice cream cone I have ever seen!
The boys might not be in college anymore...but they sure do enjoy themselves like they are!
We were treated to a patio concert by Geoff and Josh.  They really are good!
Okay, so I know how incredibly white trash this picture looks, but we had the best time.  Note the chair leaning over into the water...yeah...that's mine.  There are so many things about this picture that make me giggle :)
This is Champ.  Josh fell in love with this dog.  He dived down into the water for muscles, cracked the shells in his mouth, ate the inside and spit the shells out.  Gross, but very smart of him :)
I found this picture on my camera the next morning.  Silly boys.

Wanna hear a funny story? 
So, hubby and I got to the lakehouse early to get everything turned on and opened up.  We left to go to the grocery store, and saw a little doggie wandering down the road.  I told hubby that we just had to stop and check on her, so he did.  He loves animals.  She had on a collar, with a rabies tag.  On the back of the tag, someone had scratched "Bella" and a phone number on it.  We tried to call all the number, and every possible combination of the number - but nothing worked.  It was just too hard to read.  So, being the smart cookie that I am, I decided that we should call the vet that issued the rabies tag.  Oh my small town gracious!  The sweet woman on the phone looked for the file for about 20 minutes, and the tag that "Bella" was wearing was not issued to a small terrier.  She didn't have a "Bella" in her system either. 
Me: "So, does she maybe have a microchip?"
Sweet Vet Lady: "Oh no honey, people don't do that in Houston County."
Me: "Oh.  Well, can I bring her to you so when her owners call you will have her for them to come and get?"
Sweet Vet Lady: "Well sure, but we gonna have to charge you $50."
Me: "I'm sorry, what?  I don't understand."
Sweet Vet Lady: "Well, we ain't gonna just take in strays, so we gotta charge for when people bring 'em in."
Me: "Oh, okay.  Well, how do I get there?"
You see, at this point, we are involved.  It is not an option to just let the dog out where we found it.  What if something happened?  What if Bandit was lost and someone wasn't willing to pay the $50 to get him to safety???
And, this whole time, this sweet little dog is sitting in our truck, licking hubby on the face.  He loves her now.
Sweet Vet Lady gives me some very confusing small town directions, which I am trying to pull up on my phone at this point.  Then, I tell her, okay we are on our way.
Sweet Vet Lady: "Well honey, we're closed, you can't come until Monday."
Oh my goodness.  We have been on the phone for almost 45 minutes now.  Why on earth did she give me all these directions if I can't come???  Hubby is starting to giggle.
Me: "Well, can I at least leave you my phone number in case someone calls looking for "Bella"?  You are welcome to give it to them."
Sweet Vet Lady: "Well Honey, I'll take it, but I think you just done got yourself a new dog to take back to your big city!"

Oh my goodness.

So, we take "Bella" back to the lakehouse, and put her in the laundry room with some water, hoping and praying that she does not destroy anything.  Off to the grocery store and dinner we go.

All our friends coming into town met us at Don Rafa's for dinner, including our cousins, Don and Kristy, that have a place just up the road from our lakehouse.  I start telling them our story, and Don starts laughing so hard that he turns red.  "Oh Michelle, YOU STOLE BELLA!"  You see, Bella lives right across the street from where we found her.  She is an outside dog you see, and apparently people just let their precious furbabies wander the streets (okay fine, dirt roads) all hours of the day.  Oops.  So Don called their neighbors to let them know that Bella was with us.  They hadn't even realized she was missing!

Bella was returned to her road, and all is well.  After that, everytime a dog ran by the porch, it became the running joke - "Michelle, those dogs are lost, go steal them!".  Very funny guys, very funny.


Laura said...

Michelle, I would have done the same thing. Actully I do the same thing everytime some drops a stray up at my husbands job. He loves animals and wants to bring them home to our little apartment where we already have a lab and a cat. I have to pay to drop them down at the spca or go in the middle of the night and put them in the drop cage that the police use. I only do that if I've dropped several off recently. It can get expensive quick.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow that is crazy how she told you all that and then said they were closed! And that picture is more like "southern redneck" then "white trash"!