Monday, August 2, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...I hope?

Happy Monday Ladies!

I have not blogged pretty much all week.  I feel so behind!  I spent the first part of the week traveling the Gulf Coast with my RVP to visit some customers and do some training.  Then, on our way home on Wednesday, I started feeling really weird.  Upset tummy, aches and pains, cold sweats, not the best way to feel on a road trip with your boss's boss.  When we made it home, I took my temp and it was 102!!!  Turns out, I had the flu.  Gross.  So, I pretty much spent the latter part of the week sleeping.  I don't think I have ever been that tired! 

So, I apologize for being so behind and missing so many things!  I'll be trying to catch up today, so you might see lots of posts for old things that I missed : (

I hope you ladies had a much better weekend than I did!

Have a wonderful week!


Kasey said...

awww i hope you are feeling better!!
New prayer request for Annika. She is starting a new chemo today. It's called the "Red Devil". Its very very strong, most adults can't even handle it and she has to take it 4 days in a row. She will be staying at the Arkansas Children's Hospital all week. Please keep her in your prayers!


Laura said...

First off saying a prayer for Annika, poor darling. :(

Second, I sure hope you are feeling better. Being sick sucks but feeling like crud and being stuck in the car is the worst.

Candice said...

Aww poor girl! Hope you are feeling better! The flu is absolutely the worst sick I have ever felt!

Tiffany said...

That's awful to have the flu in the summer. I'm glad you are feeling better though!