Monday, August 2, 2010

Completing Him Challenge - Week #7

So, I know I'm a week behind, but I am still going to participate in last week's Completing Him Challenge.

Do you ever feel like God puts things in front of you just when you need to hear them?  I do!  This weekend, hubby and I were talking about our future.  It started with me eyeing some amazing house projects.  Namely, Susan's Vintage Crate Stairs, and Embellished Bayou's new counter tops and back splash.  We started talking about how long we would be in our current home.  I figured we would be there at least 5 years.  Hubby thought 2.  I thought we would still live in our community because I am comfortable and I love it here.  Hubby thinks he would like us to move to The Woodlands.  This lead to talking about what we would do when we paid off our cars...when we planned on doing that...when we would have children...turns out our plans had changed a lot a little in his world. 

Now, don't get me wrong.  We have had these conversations.  Many times over our relationship, even before we were married.  But, a couple of things have changed since then.  1.Hubby is now the breadwinner.  Up until we got married, I was.  I didn't mean to be the boss of things...but I guess I kind of was.  It's crazy and amazing how money = confidence and self worth in Men, but I've seen it.  They have a NEED to provide and be the providers for their families.  I didn't understand this until recently.  It wasn't ever a big deal to me.  Hubby has started leading us more and more since this money shift changed.  2. Hubby has a job that he LOVES and is VERY GOOD at.  This makes him more confident, and I think it makes him more comfortable in the decisions that he makes.  So, I think that both of these things have made him change his outlook on things, and think about what he wants for our lives.

I started to panic a little, but then I decided that if I panicked, he might not ever be comfortable telling me these things. And well, we can't have that, can we ; ) So, I listened. And, I decided to give it to God. I am going to trust that he will lead hubby in the right direction for the both of us and our marriage. I just pray that hubby will let God lead him and have an open heart to hear what God tells him.

So, imagine my surprise when I looked at last weeks topic of our challenge - Support his vision.  Discuss his vision for your family.  Where does he see your family in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years?

Ephesians 5:23 "For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church".
Well, if that doesn't tell me that I need to listen and let hubby lead me, I don't know what does :)

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