Monday, August 9, 2010

Advice Please... Progressive Dinner Themes

I have learned that there are so many talented and creative ladies out here in blog land.  I mean, some of you do such amazing and beautiful things that I could never even begin to imagine creating!  So, when I was asked for my ideas for our neighborhood Christmas party - I just knew who to ask for inspiration - YOU!

First of all, imagine my surprise when I received an email with the subject "Christmas Party".  I thought, oh fun, are we going to do one of those Christmas in July parties!, it's August and that would be really short notice.  Oh my goodness...Christmas is only a few months away!!!!  How has this year gone by so quickly?  It's just crazy!

We are blessed with great neighbors.  I mean, really great.  They are so nice, fun and supportive.  Last year, we did a progressive dinner, "An American Christmas".  Each house had a state, and prepared a small food item (or 5 or 6 items, whatever...haha!) and a drink that went along with their state.  You can read a little about last year's party here.  Yeah, we drew Arkansas.  It was challenging and interesting :)  I LOVED that evening, it was so fun to see everyone's home, their Christmas decorations, and their creative ideas for the theme!

We need a theme for this year.  A couple ideas that have been throw out there are colors, world, and alphabet.  Do you have any fun ideas?  I know you do!

Thanks so much for your help!  I hope you all had an amazing weekend!!!


Becca said...

i love the idea of a progressive christmas party. i'm from arkansas, so i hope you represented us well. what about a tv show theme? everyone could choose a different popular show and plan their food around it. movies could be fun as well.

mjellis said...

Becca, I love those ideas!! Thank you so much! I hope we did you proud - we had the hardest time finding an "Arkansas" drink. But, we decided on an Arkansas Avalanche. It was the only thing we could find, and it ended up being pretty good :)

Newlywed Next Door said...

I like the World, TV, and Movies suggestions. Climates could be fun (jungle, desert, mountains, etc.) but that's kind of like "world."

Eras could be fun to -- Ancient Greece/Rome, Renaissance, Colonial America, 1920s, 1950s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, etc.

Lindsey said...

what a fun idea! i'm so jealous of your awesome neighborhood.

the only thing that i can think of right now would be to put a bunch of random/bizarre foods into a hat and then everyone has to come up with dishes involving their secret ingredient.... kind of like iron chef ;)

you will have to let us know what the final decision is all about.

Ms. Emily Ann said...

What a fun neighborhood! I like countries of the world... besides food you could bring in their holiday customs. A white Christmas theme could be fun too - everyone where white, white food, cocktails, decor! We did a white elephant gift exchange last year which was really fun too! Good luck!