Sunday, March 28, 2010

I planted flowers!

So, hubby and I don't really "do" yardwork. Well, we didn't. We decided it was time to be "grown up" and work on our yard. This is the result of hours in the yard, lots of trimming and hacking, and planting. I was so excited to plant flowers in our front yard. I spent forever at the plant store, picking up a color, heading for the check out, just to second guess myself and turn back around and change my mind. I finally decided on purple - who knew there were so many shades!?

So, I bought a pack of 24 flowers, thinking, wow, what am I going to do with all of these? Then I planted them, and thought, wow I need 3 times that many!!! So, on Friday, my friend Renee is going to take me to her "plant guy" and help me pick out some flowers and stuff.
Do you do yard work?


Sarah Ann said...

We live in an Apartment... I only wish I could plant flowers! :)

mjellis said...

Sarah, you can come plant flowers in our yard anytime!!!! :)