Monday, March 8, 2010

Marriage Monday

Today we are participating in Marriage Monday from Marriage Tales. Today's topic is how you met your spouse.

Hubby and I both worked for a rental car company right out of college. Hard job, long hours - but we both learned so much there. Anyway, my manager, whom became one of my dearest friends, was engaged to her college sweetheart, and, like all soon to be married girls, wanted everyone else to be getting married too. So, she had worked with Jeff before, and was telling me all about him and him all about me. I wasn't really interested in meeting anyone, I had an ugly break-up about a year prior and was not really interested in going through any of that again. But, to humor Julie, I agreed to meet him. He had a house on the other side of Houston, and she arranged for a BBQ there so we could meet. I bailed that morning. I just didn't want to go, it felt like too much pressure and I really, truly was not interested. She dropped the subject and was not thrilled with me, but she wasn't done scheming!

At the rental car branch that I managed, I did everything - including washing the cars (I know, the horrors!) I worked alone at my office, ran around there all day, and rarely took a lunch, so I was skin and bones. Literally, right under 100 lbs at 5'7. Yuck. Anyway, on this particular day, my clothes were huge (falling off really), I had ripped my blazer, and I had been rained on all day, so my naturally curly hair was HUGE! (what my husband now refers to as my 80's hair). Julie asked me to meet her for queso and margaritas. Of course I said yes! So, imagine my surprise when I arrived and a really cute boy was there with her. I was not pleased - but what can you do? Hubby now jokes that he knew I had "potential" - ha! Turns out, he had come to a happy hour that I was at about a month prior, and he hid at the bar because he was scared to introduce himself. Silly boy. Well, that night at Ninfas was the start of a great friendship. Julie arranged many more of these meetings, with future hubby's encouragement. 6 months later, we finally kissed, and we have been together ever since.

I really owe her one!

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