Monday, March 8, 2010

14 Day Love and Respect Challenge - Day 13

I know I am a few days late with this post, and I'm sorry. I needed some courage to post this one - and it took me a little while.

Okay ladies, day 13 is sensitive. And - I'm shy about this stuff. So - I am going to suggest that you read Aimee's words. She says this much better than I can, and well, I'm not great at talking about this personal stuff. So - here is the original post if you would like to read it.

Day 13 -

Initiate intimate time with your husband (you know what I mean, please don't make me say it). Don't just respond; initiate. We believe that you should be intimate on a regular basis. If a husband or a wife is deprived, he or she can be subjected to a satanic attack. Read 1 Corinthians 7:5. When either of you deprives the other, temptation comes. A husband can feel put down for who he is when rejected sexually

I do think this is a very, very important part of marriage. A friend of mine shared with me before I got married, "Being intimate is the only thing that separates your bond from a bond that he shares with others". So true. Well, that and bills I guess - ha! But seriously, I think it strengthens your bond as "one" and is very healthy for all marriages.


Katie said...

Are you doing Emmerson Eggrichs Love and Respect? My husband and I did the Love and Respect DVD's with our Bible Study Group. It has done wonders with our relationship, marriage and COMMUNICATION! I highly recommend it!

mjellis said...

Thank you so much Katie! I'll have to look into that! I am always looking for things to improve our marriage - and communication is the key in my opinion. Thank you!