Friday, March 26, 2010

Show us Your Life - Cleaning Tips!

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner
Today we are participating in Kelly's Korner Show us Your Life - Cleaning Tips.
I despise cleaning. Really, I do. But, I adore a clean house. It feels so good to look around our home and know that it is clean. I'm weird, I love the smell of cleaning supplies. I guess I just associate the bleachie smell with clean - ha! I am still learning how to keep things clean, and the best way to do things, but here is my process now -
1. We have a stainless steel sink. I.HATE.IT. It always streaks and is never, ever all the way clean. So, every Sunday, I soak it to the top with bleach, let it sit an hour, drain, and then I scrub it with a baking soda paste. I am in the process of training hubby to wipe the water out of the sink EVERY TIME he uses it. I have a pretty towel that I sit next to the sink just for this purpose. I know it sounds OCD, but that is the focal point of the kitchen and it makes me feel better when it's clean.
2. I never leave dirty dishes in the sink.
3. I mop all the floors and clean the bathrooms on the weekends. I just don't have time during the week, and it's nice to get it all done on a Saturday morning before we really start our day.
4. I spend about 30 minutes cleaning / picking up each evening. This keeps me ahead of hubby's messes (can you imagine when we have children???!!!) and keeps the house dusted, counters clean, and clutter free!
5. Lately, I have been using a mixture of half hydrogen peroxide and half water to clean just about everything, with the exception of the shower. I even use it to mop the floors. It's safe for our dog, it doesn't have a strong scent (which hubby appreciates), it's less harmful to the environment, and it's SO inexpensive. I really feel like it gets things clean!


Sarah Ann said...

Ahh. I love stainless steel, but I agree. I have to wipe my pots and pans with a towel right after cleaning. No fun. But it is so beautiful, when clean!

Ria Thurston said...

Cute blog -- Love it :) I am your newest follower!

Beth McC. said...

Great Post! Thanks for the tips!

Happy Friday!

Ashley said...

I understand trying to stay ahead of your hubby's mess....they can be worse than joke! LOL Thanks for your post!

mjellis said...

Sarah, you are so right, stainless steel is so beautiful when it's clean. Our appliances are black, so I'm happy for that break!

Ria - thank you so much for following!

Ashely - thanks for the empathy :) Hubby's are a mess!