Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bandit's Summer Cut and Galleria Trip

How adorable is this face? Bandit got his summer hair cut on Saturday. Basically, they shaved off another doggie! He looks like a teenager to me for some reason - ha! He loves his hair cut, and acts like he feels so much better! My parents were in town this weekend, and my Daddy told him he looked funny!

Hubby and I went to the Galleria today. I think this is my first shopping post...I don't shop very often. And, we don't shop very well together. He picks out things for me that will never look good on me, are made for someone half my age, and are way out of my budget. Then, I get frusterated with him and the day ends up at a loss. So, it has been well over a year since we went to the mall together. But, he wanted some new jeans, so off we went.
Amazingly, we got along great! He was so patient with me, helped me choose things to try on, and understood when I didn't like the things he picked out. I'm so excited that we did so well! Maybe now that we are married we can shop together? Hmmm...anyway....he found some great jeans at the Seven for all Mankind store. I found these cute little black and white shoes at Charlotte Russe (cheap, I know, but I'm hard on shoes!). They were $24.99, and if you bought one pair, you got the second for $15! Hubby talked me into getting them, and I'm glad he did, they are too cute! I got the sunglasses at Nordstrom's in the junior's department for $10 each. I bought the big blue ones for my trip to LA for Erin's bachelorette party - I think they will be perfect! I let Hubs choose a pair that he liked, and he chose the black ones with silver details on the sides. The shirt is from The Limited, and is a 3/4 sleeve mint green. I love it, and it was on sale for $19.99! Not bad for $80 - 2 pairs of shoes & sunglasses, and a new shirt!
All in all, we had a very successful day and lots of fun together!

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