Monday, March 1, 2010

14 Day Love and Respect Challenge - Day 11

Hi Ladies!

We are getting close - here is Day 11 - (I encourage you to read Aimee's posts, she has some wonderful tips and insights that I don't copy over to my posts. She is so great!)

Ask him about his dreams and desires. Say, "Honey, if you could do anything, what would you dream of doing? More than anything else, what would energize you?" Let him joke about sex, but say, "Apart from that, what would you most love to do and why?" He may ask you why you are asking him this. Just tell him that you were just curious and you wanted to know. After all, these are the kinds of questions that you might ask someone when you are dating to get to know them better. Don't be afraid of this. By asking these questions you are not committing to help him experience this dream. This is just a fun discussion. He isn't going to act on it just because you brought it up. Since God is at work in all of us to will his good pleasure, your husband might share things with you deep from his spirit. it will honor him that you will listen.

I think this one will be fun. I think I know hubby's dreams and desires, but I am really interested in what he will say. Here are my guesses - let's see how close I get when I report tomorrow.

  • To be totally financially stable. To not have to worry about money at all, and to be able to afford to do whatever he wants.
  • To travel more. I know there are lots of places that we both want to go, but do not have the time and moola right now to do so.
  • To own a racecar that he can mess with and take to a race track
  • To own an expensive, fast car someday
  • To buy a bigger, better house (I love our house now, but he has house envy)
  • To be an executive managing salespeople to their fullest potential
  • To buy a boat
  • To start our family (and not be scared of it)

Good luck ladies! I'll report back tomorrow.

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