Monday, June 28, 2010

Completing Him Challenge - Week #3

Hi Ladies!  Today we are participating in Week #3 of Women Living Well's Completing Him Challenge.

I LOVE this weeks challenge and I am going to commit to doing it fully!

This weeks challenge is to Pray for your Husband.
I pray for hubby every day, but no differently than I pray for anyone else, I am ashamed to say.  I am going to ask him each morning how I can pray for him, and follow Courtney's suggestions listed below, that she pulled from "The Power of a Praying Wife" by Stormie Omartian.  I am going to order this - I hope I get it before our trip this weekend so I can read it at the lake!

Here is her list of things to pray for -
1. His Wife (that's me!)
2. His Work (I do this daily.  He is in a high pressure sales job, which he loves, but it is really stressful at times.)
3. His finances
4. His sexuality
5. His affections
6. His temptations ( I never thought to pray for this before - what a great thought!)
7. His mind
8. His fears
9. His purpose
10. His choices
11. His health
12. His protection
13. His trials
14. His integrity
15. His reputation
16. This priorities
17. His relationships
18. His fatherhood (This one doesn't really apply to us - I guess I could pray for his future fatherhood?)
19. His past
20. His attitude
21. His marriage (I can honestly say that I pray for this constantly)
22. His emotions
23. His walk
24. His talk
25. His repentance
26. His deliverance
27. His obedience
28. His self-image
29. His faith
30. His future

I am so excited to start praying for my hubby in all of these areas - Today!

Do you pray for your husband daily?  What specifically do you pray for him?


LisaH said...

I love this challenge! It's definitely an area that I need work in! I'm thinking I may journal this challenge, and how I'm praying for my hubby! Then I can see the answers to prayer as they appear ;o) Have fun on your trip!

mjellis said...

Lisa, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea! I want to do that too! Thank you so much! Off to find a cutie journal... ;)

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

Look at you go - ordering the book!! That's fantastic! Your husband is so blessed to have a wife who desires to pray for him! Keep it up!

Veronika said...

I need to pray for my husband more too! Thanks for the ideas :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

This is such a great reminder for the little things in life we need to pray about that we sometimes forget about!

Tiffany said...

This is great! I hadn't heard of this "Completing Him Challenge" but it is great. It is truly one of life's great joys to pray for your husband.

LisaH said...

Hey there! There's an award on my blog for you!
I hope you found a great journal ;o) Praying has commenced!!

Kelly's Avenue said...

left you an award

Maytina said...

I find myself praying for the little things to make his day overall a little easier. I've been good at remembering the big stuff, but I often forget to include the day to day stuff.