Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Do you ever have those days where you are just overcome with the blessings that God has provided you?
I felt that way this morning.  I was thinking about how wonderful my husband was, how kind, fun, forgiving and sweet.  There are so many times that I do not deserve such a wonderful man.  I started thinking about all the other blessings in my life that I do not deserve - my amazing, supportive family, our wonderful home, our jobs, our friends, our finances...the list is endless.  There was some song on the radio with lyrics, "God will never leave you..."  I can't remember what the song was - but it was just the icing on the cake.  That is the greatest blessing of all - God's love and forgiveness.  I tear up at the thought.  I do not deserve this selfless love, devotion, and Grace.  How amazing is it that God gives us all of this, and all he asks for in return is that we love him and walk in his word?

I have been overwhelmed with everyday things lately.  Work, our social calendar (seriously - we have 7 weddings this year - 7!!), keeping up with our families, keeping up with the house cleaning, and just keeping up with "us".  I know that God puts these little reminders in my life to keep me grounded and focused on just how wonderful things are, and just how blessed we are.  It is just amazing to me.  I am so grateful.

Do you ever feel like God puts little things in your life to keep you grounded and focused?


LisaH said...

Absolutely! He shows me, on a daily basis, how much the "little" things matter, along with the big things ;o) And just when I get bogged down by those things I am reminded of His saving grace! Our salvation! What a gift!
Keeping my gaze heavenward!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Yes, I do feel like he puts things in our lives to keep us focused! That is wonderful you've feel so blessed :) Have a great week!