Friday, May 18, 2012

Jaxson's Sweet Safari 1st Birthday

Jaxson's first birthday was so fun!  I enjoyed planning it so much! 

Decorating was all done Friday night and Saturday morning since our house is on the market, but we made due with what we had and I think it turned out great!
All of my closest, dearest friends were able to make it.  Brandy came all the way from Arizona, and Lenti drove in from Austin.  I am so grateful for these women.  We are all pledge sisters and have known each other for 12 years now.  Isn't that crazy?  I am so thankful to have them in my life, we have been through so much together!

Jaxson and one of his favorite people!  Don is his Godfather, and by far a favorite!!

Grandpa is another fave!  He and Jaxson played and played all weekend!

Grandpa and Aunt Vallie

The moment Alan and Kelly walked in the door Jaxson wanted Kelly to hold him. They are such precious friends and kind people!  It makes me so happy that they came to celebrate with us!

Sugar High!!!!

Jaxson LOVED his cake.  LOVED.  He hadn't had any sugar before, so this was very, very exciting for him.

Yummy mess.

Jaxson loved Addison.  Maybe they will date someday.  Only if he is a very nice boy.

Jaxson and Mommy

Yes, I made him wear this dumb hat, haha!  But just for a couple of pictures.

Everyone watching Jaxson getting ready to eat his cake.  Talk about an audience!

Jaxson with his Gigi.  I couldn't have facilitated this party without her!

Our welcome sign

Our home.

The spread.

Our favor boxes filled with animal crackers.  Thank you Mom and Val for stuffing them so cutie!!!
This picture isn't great, but it is the table by our front door.  We asked people to bring books to donate to our church instead of gifts, and those went into the blue basket.  On top of the table is my favorite part of the party (besides Jaxson of course), the sign in book.  I made a shutterfly book with all of our favorite pictures from his first little year of life.  It showed a few of our favorite things about him, and his favorite things so far.  Then I asked all of our guests to write him a little note.  Some of the notes were super sweet, and some are so funny.  I plan to do one each year.

I made these little frames for about $1 each.  I thought they turned out pretty cute!
This picture banner wasn't hard to make, and everyone just loved it!  I cried a little while I was putting it together, watching how much he has changed over the past year!

So, there were a few things that I ran out of time to do, but, overall, I'm really happy with how the party turned out.  More importantly, we had a wonderful afternoon with very special people.  Thanks to eveyone that came to celebrate with us!!

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amber said...

Thank you for your blog! I am doing a Sweet Safari theme for my son's first birthday party as well. Your party came out beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration! Did you do most of the paper decor yourself? I haven't those online. If so, is it easy to do? I love the custom welcome door sign, the birthday banners, lables, birthday cone hat and the animals on the cupcakes! How did you make them, please? :)