Friday, May 25, 2012

How was your week?

Ours was wonderful!

We had Jaxson's one year appointment, 3 inspections on our house, (we are still waiting for those fingers crossed!), and our slab was poured on our new house!

Jaxson got his first tent.  I found it at Walgreens for less than $10...and he adores it!  Hubby puts it in the box each night, and every morning Jaxson goes up to the box and points at it like, "get this out of there!"  It is just the cutest thing.
He doesn't care if it is right side up or sideways...

and loves to play peek-a-boo...

So proud! 

He loves to drag it all over the house.

Even Daddy had some play time in the tent!

And...Jaxson had his first taste of an ice cream cone!

 Please Daddy, please!!!

I adore this picture.  I swear Jaxson is thinking...maybe if I lay up here and look super cute Daddy will stop eating all of the ice cream and will surely share some of it with me!!!

And...Jaxson brushed his teeth for the first time!  He loved it!

He really wanted to do it himself, but I got about 20ish seconds of brushing in!

Those were the highlights of our week!  My work is super stressful...3 more selling days left in the month!  Hubby's is really stressful right now, his fiscal year ends on Thursday and he is SO CLOSE to making his big conference trip.  Please say a little prayer for him.  We know that God will provide!

I hope you had a wonderful week too!  What do you have going on this weekend?  I am SO ready for a long one!



Tracy said...

Oh those adorable faces!!! Too cute!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Gosh he is so adorable! I love that you're updating the blog more! Please continue so I can stay up to date on what's going on with y'all! :)