Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Howdy!  I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  I NEEDED a three day weekend. BADLY.

We headed to Crockett, TX to spend the weekend with Jaxson's Godparents and two of our favorite people, Kristy and Don.  They were gracious enough to host us for the weekend, and oh, they ADORE Jaxson.  And, the feeling is absolutely mutual.

We always love our time with Don and Kris.  This weekend was no exception.  Jaxson had an incredible time on his first lake trip!

Hubby and I bought his first little life jacket at Academy.  Jaxson was super cute in it, but horribly uncomfortable. He has 12 more years of wearing one each and every time he is on the, sorry little buddy!

Don was bound and determined to catch a fish for Jaxson.  He fished for 2 hours while Jaxson spilled puffs all over his boat, and his lazy co-captains, Kris, Hubby and I ate leftover Buffalo Chicken Dip and Guacamole.  Poor fella.  He was so upset that he couldn't catch Jaxson's fish.  I don't think Jaxson minded though.  He just wanted to drive the boat.

This was our first summer type of trip with Jaxson without a set of grandparents with us.  It is so different being at the lake with a little one.  Your whole focus changes.  Everything centers around Jaxson's schedule and his safety.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.  Jeff and I honestly don't even notice it anymore, because I feel lik things are so much easier now than they have ever been in terms of caring for him.  The other couples there don't have children, and when we all sat down after he went to bed, they were exhausted.  God blessed us with a child with an amazing temperment...I swear he smiles 99% of the time, but there are just a lot of things to think about at all times.  We don't think anything of it, but it was interesting to see parenting from someone else's perspective.

Kris and Don just bought a new lot, right on the lake!  Hubby helped them clear some tree limbs and things while Jaxson and I supervised.  He worked very hard watching, as you can see.

Jaxson fell in love with this pretty girl!  Tracy is just the sweetest little thing, and Jaxson decided she was his favorite.  He adored her!

Thank you Don and Kris for an amazing weekend!  We just loved it and are so grateful to have you in our lives!

On the house front...we were shocked to drive by and see THIS -

Can you believe how quickly this happened?  It makes me so excited!  And honestly, a little sad that these guys had to work all weekend.  I'm making them brownies tomorrow and taking them over to them.  It is already in the 90's here in Houston and they work so hard.

After we took a swing by the new house, we went over to Hubby's parent's house for dinner.  His Dad grilled chicken, and his Mom made so much wonderful food that I need to fast for a few days - hahahaha!  A perfect end to an incredible weekend.  I am so overwhelmed by God's blessings in our lives right now.  We are surrounded by wonderful people that love us.  I want that for Jaxson for always.

I want to hear about your weekend!  Link up below and tell us all about it!

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw I'm bummed I missed the link up! I can't believe how fast your house is getting built! Wow! So funnn and exciting!