Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1 Year Check Up

Jaxson just had his one year check up!

He is a BIG BOY!

He weighs 23.14 lbs, and is  in the 89%.
He is 31 inches tall, and in the 87%.
He has a little bitty head though! 17.5 inches, 21%.
Sweet baby boy!

Our Doctor told us that we have three more months to still think of him as a baby.  He said at 15 months he is considered a little boy!
And, no more bottles.  We stopped formula a couple of weeks ago, no problem.  He loves milk!  So, I thought stopping the two bottles he got a day wouldn't be a big deal.  Boy, was I wrong!
He doesn't want milk out of a sippy cup.  Like, two sips.  He isn't crying for the bottle or anything, but he isn't interested in the sippy cup for his evening or morning milk.

Last night, Jaxson was crazy hyper.  And bottle time is when he starts to relax.  Hubby caved and gave him a bottle.  No more of that!!  hahaha

I think I am going to miss the bottle time more than Jaxson.  I live for the 20 minutes that we spend cuddling each morning before day care.  I think that is over.  That makes me so sad!

He is just growing up way too quickly!


Nicole-Lynn said...

He sure is growing up so fast! It seems like yesterday you were expecting and then his birthday came and went... no more baby he's a big boy now! :)

Melissa Carter said...

I am with you Michelle! I love that bottle time in the morning before daycare. :) No more formula means saving money! I bet you are breezing right past that formula aisle when you do your shopping!