Saturday, May 7, 2011


My blog got a makeover!

What do you think?

Sweet Kelly from Kelly's Avenue fixed me up!  I just love it!  Her prices are really reasonable, and she is just a dream to work with.  She couldn't be sweeter, and I think she is really talented!  She spent so much time making sure that everything was exactly like I wanted it, and used her creativity and talent to make things so perfect!!  It's like she had known me forever!  And, she did it in less than 24 hours!

Thank you so very much Kelly, I am so happy!!!

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Kelly@Kelly's Avenue said...

I had SOOOOO much working on it. I am SOOOO glad you love it. Looking forward to do your new header =)

Have a great weekend

Kylie Marie said...

LOVE the new blog! How fun!
P.S. - If I lived down south I would def come and make your those pancakes ;)

Eboix said...

love it!

Nicole-Lynn said...

It's very cute! I've been gone way too long, and now I'm back and married! Yipee! I missed catching up with you and had to come by to see your progress... can't wait to hear details! :)