Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dr. Appointment Update

So, we had another Dr. appointment yesterday, for our NST (non stress test).  They hooked me up to this machine -
with two sensors strapped to my belly.  I could hear Jaxson's heartbeat the whole time!  I think I was hooked up for almost an hour total, but she checked on me fairly often.  I had a button that I pushed each time that I felt Jaxson move.  He moved a lot - or so I thought :)  Apparently, I was having contractions every 10 minutes and didn't recognize them!  I thought they were Jaxson moving!  So, my Dr. sat with me through one of them and taught me what they felt like.  Now I can kind of recognize when I have them.  I don't think I'm very good at it yet. 

Jaxson handled the contractions very well, and is not stressed at all.  What a blessing!  So, now we are on schedule for me to go back on Tuesday for another ultrasound and biophysical profile to check on him.  If all is well, we wait for next Saturday for our induction!

P.S. My Dr. was not thrilled that we changed from Friday to Saturday.  Probably because he doesn't want to work the weekend.  I don't blame him :)  I felt very sheepish explaining it to him - haha!

P.S.S. Today is my due date : )

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Veronika said...

so excited for baby J to get here! :)

Candice said...

Hurry up Jaxson!! :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh wow he didn't want to come out huh? :) I hope everything went well. I can't wait to hear everything!