Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dr. Appointment Update

Hi Friends!

We had our Dr. appointment yesterday, and it went very well!

We had an ultrasound, and look at the precious picture we got!
I think he looks like Hubby

Our biophysical profile looked perfect!  He has plenty of fluid, is measuring in the 65%, has plenty of blood flow, and looks happy as can be!  They are estimating that he is 7lbs 15oz.  A big boy!

My blood pressure was high, so they had me lie down for awhile on my left side before they took it again.  It was much better after that.  So, we didn't get to do the non stress test.  That is rescheduled for Friday morning.

We did an internal exam, and Dr. thinks Jaxson is lower, but I have not dilated at all.  He tried to get it started, but it didn't work out.  Jaxson just isn't ready yet!

We scheduled our induction for May 14th!!

  Originally it was scheduled for the 13th, but Hubby freaked out that he didn't want his son born on Friday the 13th.  I mean, FREAKED out.  We had a great debate in our house yesterday afternoon.  Sigh.  Who would have thought that would be such a big deal?  I learned a couple of things about my Husband during our "debate" about changing the induction date last night.  He is BEYOND superstitious.  You see, he will only use ONE towel when he showers.  We wash it and hang it right back up.  It's not one of our good soft wedding towels, or even a remotely new towel.  It's ratty and totally almost thread bare.  Apparently, it's lucky - and 9 years old.  We also have lucky slacks that we wear on days when we think we need "extra luck".  And lucky boxers.  Is it crazy that I don't believe in this?  And the most ironic part, Hubby is convinced that he has the worst luck of anyone in the world.  I don't get it.  He doesn't either.  I told him that if he could explain the significance of the date to me, then I would completely honor his wishes.  Of course he couldn't.  So, I looked up the significance of Friday the 13th.  Did you know that its history is from October 13, 1307?  King Philip of France charged the Knights Templar with horrible crimes that were not true.  They captured and tortured them.  Seriously - that's what we are afraid of?  That and some movies that I've never watched because I have horrible nightmares.  I called the Dr. today, feeling like an idiot, and asked to change our induction date.  So, in the end, I did the right thing and respected my Husband's wishes :)

Are you superstitious?  Would it bother you if your child was born on Friday the 13th?


Candice said...

I hope he comes early! LOL for your sake and because I am ready to come to Houston and take his picture!! :)But it's nice to have a set date in case he doesn't!

Kelly@Kelly's Avenue said...

I am some what superstitious

Hope he comes before friday the 13th

Delia said...

H has a birthday on 2/13. I don't know if it bothered his mom, but it doesn't bother either of me!

CanDance English said...

Amelia was induced on Monday the 13th and that still freaked my husband out... They get so weird about things like that.. He was so concerned because one day her birthday will be on friday the 13th... bla bla bla . . . Those men. haha... Praying for the next week to go smooth!

Jenn said...

I was born on Friday the 13th!!!

Elaina said...

So funny! I was actually scheduled to be induced with Carter on the 13th, but it was a Monday also. I wasn't too crazy about him having the 13th as his birthday, but wasn't willing to go even another day being pregnant, so rescheduling wasn't an option! I have sense embraced it, and love that his birthday is on the 13th!

Now that you did that though, you'll probably go into labor on your own on Thursday or Friday, and he'll end up having that be his birthday anyway! HA!

michelle ellis said...

Candice - yes please!!! I can't wait for you to meet him!

Delia - Thank you - I had a feeling that there were other people out there with birthdays on the 13th that lived wonderful lives - haha!

Candance - thank you for not making me feel like I have the only crazy husband :)

Elaina - haha! In a moment that I am not proud of during our "debate" on the subject, I said, "I hope I go into labor and deliver on that day so you don't get your way!" Not very mature or nice, I know :)

michelle ellis said...

Jenn - thank you for sharing! And I am sure that you have had a fabo life!! I think it is a cool, different thing!

Nicole-Lynn said...

That is too funny! Sorry it was originally scheduled and you had a big debate about it! :) I'm glad your dr. was able to change the date for you.