Sunday, December 27, 2009

Michelle's Breakfast Casserole

I love, love, love this recipe, and after everyone raving about it this weekend, and the time that it saved...I just had to share it.

It can be made the night before, which makes it so much easier to have breakfast ready for a house full of guests. You can spend more time with your company, or sleep, if you're like me and has a Daddy that gets up REALLY early every morning...haha!

Here's what you need -
1 roll breakfast sausage
1 lb bacon
1/2 onion
1 green pepper
8 eggs
2 packages of crescent rolls
1 cup shredded cheese

Brown the sausage, drain and rinse
Cook the bacon and crumble
Spray a 9 x 13 inch pan with pam
Line the pan and the sides with the crescent roll dough
Chop the green pepper and onion into small pieces
Put the bacon, sausage, green pepper and onion in the pan, distributed evenly over the crescent roll crust
Sprinkle cheese over the mixture
Whisk the eggs, and then pour over the mixture
Cook right away, or store in the oven overnight to cook the next morning
Cook for 30 minutes at 350, until the center is solid
Serve with salsa and enjoy!

We ate this for breakfast all three mornings. I had planned on making french toast and waffles this morning, but everyone wanted the breakfast casserole again!

Side Note: Aren't my Christmas plates cute?? I'm just sorry they were paper! I got them at Hobby Lobby, 1/2 off, for $3. Can't beat that!


Anonymous said...

How much does this recipe serve?

mjellis said...

It makes about a dozen servings. The 5 of us ate it for about 3 days - it's so great and easy!