Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Decorations

I love, love, LOVE Christmas! This is our first married Christmas, and my first year really decorating our home. It's not near what I want it to look like, but if we add a little each year, I think it will be perfect! I just wanted to share some of our pics, hope you like them!

Our bakers rack. It's hard to see, but we have our snowman martini glass, and our alligator with the santa heels.

My Mom made this tree for my grandparents. She used a glue gun to keep everything in place so they won't have to worry about fixing anything, and it's small enough for them to store it in the storage shed each year.

Isn't it cute??!!

Our wrapping paper was chosen by Jeff this year. To go with our red theme, I ordered the gift tags from Vista Print.

I love glitter...and bows...

My mom made these chandilers for us. They were hanging from each of our centerpieces at our wedding. Now, they are hanging on our Christmas tree! I love them and it makes me so happy that we can use something from our wedding on our Christmas tree.

Bandit loves to check out the presents : )

Our wreath. Made by my Mom - it is the most beautiful wreath I have ever seen. I keep it inside because I don't want it to get ruined!

Our front room.
Hope you like it!

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