Tuesday, December 22, 2009

40 Days of Thankfulness - Day 17

Today I am thankful for our families. Both of them!
As our first married Christmas approaches, I have been very concerned and worried about the logistics of it all. Traveling here, having Christmas Eve here, Christmas day activities...not hurting any one's feelings by missing an event that is important to them...making everyone comfortable on "their" Christmas...the list is pretty much endless.

But, as the day approaches, I am so thankful that we have all of these loved ones to coordinate! There are so many people that do not have a Christmas celebration, or family to spend this special day with. It is so easy to let all the little things get to you and worry you - but wow, we are lucky. We have so many people that want to celebrate Christmas with us in their own special ways. We are so loved and so very fortunate to be so surrounded with love.

And, I think we have it all worked out!

Last weekend we celebrated with my extended family. Edaddy, Emommy and Aunt Cindy (my mom's parents and sister) traveled all the way from Alabama to watch my little sister graduate. Pappa (my Dad's Dad) also joined us, making the occasion so much more special. We celebrated Christmas that weekend as well, and even though it was the weekend before, it really did feel like Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, my parents and sister are coming from Dallas to Houston to celebrate with Pappa and his sisters and their children. Since it is Jeff's parents' Christmas this year, we will miss that celebration and attend Christmas Eve Service at the church that his Sister will be married in this Spring. Everyone in my family has been very understanding of this, and for that I am also thankful. I am very excited to attend Christmas Eve Services - I've never been before! That just wasn't something that we did with our family, we were usually traveling across the country to visit our Grandparents, so we didn't spend too many Christmas' at home while I was growing up. I can't wait to celebrate in a church.

On Christmas, we are going to do a Christmas brunch with my family and sister (they are staying with us). We will open our presents that morning, and spend that time together. That afternoon, we will head over to Jeff's parents' house, and have a Christmas dinner and exchange gifts. What a wonderful day filled with family and love!

On Saturday, we are working on getting everyone together to have dinner together. My parents are not in town very often, so I think it would be nice for both families to get to spend some time together, especially after the pressure of the holiday is over. I'm really excited to spend time with both of our families!

What are your Christmas plans? Is it hard for you to see everyone that you would like to see on Christmas?

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