Tuesday, December 29, 2009

30 Things before I'm 30

I recent discussion on The Nest made me think...wow...I am almost 30! When I was younger, even just by a few years, 30 seemed so old, ancient even, like the time when all the fun in my life would be over and I would have to be *gasp* an adult!!! Well, turns out that life at 28 is very exciting, full and wonderful, so I don't think that 30 will be that different. I am however, going to set some goals for myself. I don't know if I can meet them all, but I am going to try! I've read that it you make your goals public, you are more likely to meet them (an accountability thing, I guess), so I thought I would share them with you. Here goes!

1. Read the Bible. Yes, all of it
2. Become and active and contributing member of a Church
3. Treat my Mom to a spa day
4. Get Jeff a racing day
5. Organize my recipe book
6. Get on a schedule where I make a point to see my girlfriends once a month. Both sets of them.
7. Get hardwood floors!
8. Pay off my new car
9. Finish emergency fund
10. Work out 3x weekly for a month (hopefully then it will become a habit?)
11. Organize closets (all three of them!)
12. Paint our home - all the rooms!
13. Buy bedroom furniture
14. Daily devotionals
15. Join a volunteer organization
16. Tithe the entire 10% - Always - no matter what.
17. Adopt a family for Christmas
18. More DIY projects - I know I can be crafty!
19. Have a booth at a craft show
20. Take a wine 101 class
21. Have wedding dress cleaned / repaired
22. Make a scrapbook for 2009
23. Finish wedding book
24. Order wedding album
25. Get rings sautered
26. Buy Jeff a nice watch
27. Get a T-Shirt quilt made
28. Refinish table in the man room
29. Sew stockings from wedding fabric
30. Sew tree skirt from wedding fabric

Well, there it is! After reading this again, it appears that I might need to win the lottery....haha! I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Are there any must do's that you have prior to an age of life stage milestone?

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