Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's in a Name...

What's in a name?  Will it determine your child's self worth, self esteem?  I am a huge believer in nurture vs. nature...and I think we, as parents, will determine his self esteem.  BUT - if he has a common name will he feel common?  If his name is misspelled his whole life will he feel insignificant and unimportant?  If his name is the same as 10 other people that he knows will he not feel unique and special? 

Did you know that baseball players with "K" initials tend to strike out more, perhaps reflecting the batters' unconscious pull to appear next to the strikeout symbol "K" on scorecards?  Did you know that students with initials C and D have worse grades than everyone else, gravitating toward the grades their initials represent?  Is this bull?  Probably.  Have I been reading stuff like this lately and thinking about it?  Yes. Maybe.

Welcome to our evening conversations.  Yes, I am aware that we need help.  I wish this little baby boy would come into the world with a name tag.  Or, he could be really prepared, like his mommy, and go ahead and let me know what his name is so I can start getting things monogrammed.  That would be lovely.

The middle and last names are carved in stone.  Jeffrey Ellis.  Hubby's name is Jeffrey, and he wanted a junior, but I put my foot down on that one.  No big Jeff little Jeff for us.  So, he has to have Jeffrey as the middle name.  I would have really liked to give him my Daddy's name, Jerry, or Adam, because my maiden name is Adams and that dies with my sister and I.  But, it's half his baby too, and it's important to him.  Even though I don't understand it, I will respect it.  So in the score of names, he is currently getting 2 out of 3 - haha!

If our sweet baby arrived today, we would name his Jaxson.  I've always liked the name Jackson, but I work with someone with the name Jack that is not always very nice.  Hubby likes names that are spelled differently, so the "X" satisfies that part of him.  What do you think of that name?  My concern is that Jackson is like, the number 3 most popular name of 2010.  Will he be just one of many?  Will his name be misspelled his whole life?  Will it bother him?  Sigh.  I do love Jax for a nickname though - too cute!

What's my pick you ask?  Rhett. As in, Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind, only the best movie of all time!  I know you Southern Girls know what I am talking about : )  I don't know any little boys named Rhett, and I think it is classic, confident and strong.  And maybe a little suave and mysterious, just like Rhett Butler.  But, Hubby hates it.  I'm still holding out.  I have 15 weeks left - a lot could happen by then, right?

Do you have any good name suggestions?  Please share!


Anna said...

Oh I love Rhett. That's really nice. I'll keep my fingers crossed you get your pick :)

I think Jackson/Jaxson is cute- but I'd have to agree that it is becoming so popular that there will likely be multiples in his class when he grows up.

Another thing with the name Jaxson Jeffery... Make sure you like the name J.J. Because I would bet that nickname would naturally show up.

Both names are cute. Playing the name game is super fun!

Joanna said...

I love both Rhett and Jaxson :) and i'm sure whatever you end up picking it will fit your little guy perfectly :)

Candice said...

LOVE Rhett! I have always mentioned it to Scott as one of my favorites, it must be a southern girl thing. :)
They say when you find the right name, you will know without a doubt it is the one! You've got time, I'm sure it will come to you!

Bama Belle said...

My husband and I had a hard time too deciding on a name. I knew I wanted Michael as a middle name (My husband, his father, and my father are all Michael's) but I didn't think we would ever come up with a first name we both liked. I love Jaxson and Rhett. I also like Hudson, William, Cruz, and Bentley. Good luck - can't wait to hear what you decide!!

Laura said...

I actully really like Rhett, evern though I had never thought of it before.

I keep trying to talk my husband into William Jeffrey but both are after family members.

He likes William Davis...

I should add that we are not expecting so we argue over our future childrens names. lol

Kristen said...

I think Rhett is really cute! I feel for you because my H and I can never agree on boys names either! Another name that I love, but we can't use becuase I have a family member with this name is Clark. Like Clark Gable!

Kelly said...

Hi friend!
I love Rhett. It's very unique without being weird. I also think Adam Jeffrey Ellis would be super cute...and come on, he's getting two out of 3!! :)
I like Jackson/Jaxson, but agree it's become very popular..I was one of 4 Kelly's in my 2nd grade class. However, I do like the name Jaxson.
I've told Alan numerous times, he's getting the last name, so first name is my choice! :)

Mrs.Olson said...

I must not have been a follower. I missed the baby announcement !!! Congrats !!!! Thank you for your kind words on my blog. That is so nice. I gotta run to lunch but I hope to stop by and get all caught up on your blog !

Nicole-Lynn said...

Love Jaxson! How cute! Both names are great though! let us know what you decide!