Thursday, January 20, 2011

6 Months!

I'm 6 months pregnant!
(24 Weeks)

We had our 6 month appointment today, and baby and I are healthy and happy!  I need to go back in 2-3 weeks for my glucose test - I don't think I'm looking forward to that. 
Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: Baby is the size of an ear of corn, and 1.5lbs!
Total Weight Gain: Gained 17 lbs!  Whoa!  (The doctor told me this morning that I am right on track, and that it's normal for a first time mom to "pop out" over the course of a few weeks.  I told him that "pop out" was a nice way to say EXPLODE.  Seriously, this happened fast.
Belly Growth: 10 inches.  About the size of a basketball.

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes!!  I bought two shirts, a dress, a pair of jeans, and a pair of brown pants online at Old Navy, all for $50, including shipping!  Best deal ever.  I'll do a post about it so you can see.  I can wear some of my own shirts, if they are long enough to cover my belly.
Gender: It's a boy!  That has no name : (
Movement: The neatest thing happened this week - we were able to SEE him moving in there!  Hubby didn't believe me until he laid on the bed and stared at my belly for what seemed like forever, and then he said, "Was that him in there that jumped??"  It was cute.
Sleep: I am waking up each morning around 4:30AM to potty, which means by the time I fall back asleep it's almost time to wake back up.  I think Bandit knows something is changing, because he has started sleeping curled up with me at night, which is something he has never done in all of his sweet 7 years of life.  While I adore the fact that he wants to sleep with me, it makes it hard when I try to roll over or move.  I wake him up, which in turn wakes me and hubby up.  Poor little Bandit.  I've started walking him in the evenings so that we have some "us" time before the baby comes.
Symptoms: I've been feeling wonderful.  I have to potty a couple of times an hour, but I am also drinking tons of water.  I'm trying to drink much more than normal.  Other than the growing, I feel very normal!
Cravings: Nothing really specific this week.  I just love sweet things.

Emotions: I've been very happy!  I'm getting very excited about feeling him moving in there all the time and about my baby showers.  They are going to be so fun!

Best Moment of the Week:  I have two - 1) Seeing the baby move with Hubby 2) Finishing our registries!  After researching my hiney off, we finally decided on all of the gear that we think we need.  Whew!

We are meeting with a financial planner tonight.  We need to set up college funds, life insurance, and our wills.  Man that makes me feel old and grown up!  Hopefully it will go well - I'm a little nervous.

Can I just take a second to thank all of you for all of your kind words and support, especially on all things baby related?  You have no idea how much your emails, advice and comments mean to me.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.


Candice said...

Ok, without sounding offensive, your cute belly did pop! But it's so precious! :) Looks like you're stowing a ball in there! I hope that you two can agree on a name soon so I can start working on your gift (lol)! ....I still think Rhett is cute.

Tiffany said...

I loved Old Navy for maternity clothes. They always have the best deals. I'm happy for you that you finished your registry, that is always a challenge! Here's a website I found really helpful when I first started making Cole's baby food I just use my food processor. It's a lot easier than I thought it would be. Have a great weekend!

Shana said...

You look great! And Gap also has cute maternity clothes in the back of the kids one in Market Street....they have some good sales!!!