Tuesday, January 11, 2011

30 Things before I'm 30 - Revised for Baby

So, last year I made my list of 30 goals to accomplish before I turned 30.  Well, with our little boy coming this May, and me turning 30 in October...I think some priorities will just have to be shifted.  So - I thought I would share my revisions and updates with you - hold me accountable please!

1. Read the Bible. Yes, all of it - I'm working on this one and I plan to be finished before the baby comes!
2. Become and active and contributing member of a Church - We have been going to every weekend that we are in town, and we are really enjoying it.  We just are not positive if this is "the one" for us.  So, we will see about this one : )
3. Treat my Mom to a spa day - Unfortunately, we are saving each and every penny that we have to go towards baby stuff and daycare right now.  I did, however, treat her to a spa mani/pedi for Christmas : )
4. Get Jeff a racing day - No longer in our budget for the time being : (
5. Organize my recipe book - still plan on finishing this one!
6. Get on a schedule where I make a point to see my girlfriends once a month. Both sets of them.  I'm getting better at this one!
7. Get hardwood floors! - Not in the budget any longer : (
8. Pay off my new car - Turns out Day Care is more expensive than the extra payments I was making on the car - this one will have to wait.
9. Finish emergency fund - Done!
10. Work out 3x weekly for a month (hopefully then it will become a habit?) - Um...not so much since I got pregnant.  But - I did do my first DVD preggo workout last night, and I liked it!  So, we will see if I can do it this month.
11. Organize closets (all three of them!) - This WILL BE DONE!  We have been working on cleaning out all of our house to make room for baby.
12. Paint our home - all the rooms! - We picked the paint, and are hiring the painters if Feb.  I can't wait!
13. Buy bedroom furniture - Done!
14. Daily devotionals - Doing them!  Spending time with God daily makes a HUGE difference in my day.  I can totally tell on days where I don't take the time.
15. Join a volunteer organization - Done!
16. Tithe the entire 10% - Always - no matter what.  I have done this all year, and I must say, am very happy that I have.  I feel like I am doing the right thing, and showing God how grateful I am and that I can be a responsible steward of his money.
17. Adopt a family for Christmas - Well, there will not be another Christmas before I turn 30.  But, I did try to adopt one this year, but had a very difficult time getting their sponsor to give me any information, and it just did not work out.  I hope to do this with our son each year when he is old enough to realize what the meaning of Christmas is.
18. More DIY projects - I know I can be crafty!  I've done quite a few, and plan on doing more!
19. Have a booth at a craft show - I would so love to do this next year before my birthday!  I'm not sure how much time I will have to make things before the baby comes, but I'm going to leave this one on the list for now.
20. Take a wine 101 class - YES PLEASE!  I am doing one as soon as I can : )
21. Have wedding dress cleaned / repaired - Yes, this needs to be done prior to the little one's arrival.
22. Make a scrapbook for 2009 - This needs to be done too.
23. Finish wedding book - Yeah, this one too...
24. Order wedding album - Oops...I don't know if this one will be in the budget...it might have to wait until we see how really expensive this baby stuff is...
25. Get rings sautered - Done!
26. Buy Jeff a nice watch - I don't think I will be able to swing this with our new added expenses.  A nice watch to my husband is something in the 3k range, and that's 3 months of day care!
27. Get a T-Shirt quilt made - I would still like to do this.
28. Refinish table in the man room
29. Sew stockings from wedding fabric - I can do this!
30. Sew tree skirt from wedding fabric - I can do this!

So there you have it, the revised list.  I had NO IDEA how much would change in our lives after getting preggo.  No idea.  Do you have a list like this?


Nicole-Lynn said...

You have a lot of great things to get done before 30! I love your list and think I'll do something similar! It's great you are reading daily devotionals. I bought a womens devotional book and have been reading it, but not daily. I need to set more time aside each day for this! :)

Tiffany said...

I love reading through your list. You have some great things on it. You are right a lot changes after getting pregnant. But, all for the better! I have a list like this as well, but haven't gotten to update it lately. I need to do that! Ha.

Joanna said...

Your list is great! I will be 30 next week so maybe I should get started on a list on what to accomplish while I am 30 so I have a whole year :)

Candice said...

I love your new list! It's so interesting to see how things change whne a baby is in the picture!