Monday, January 24, 2011

Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays...

Yes, yes, it's me!

It all started about 12:30AM...with Bandit jumping on my head, whining.  I couldn't figure out what was going on, but Hubby did.  The smoke alarm in our guest room was beeping with the every few minute warning of a low battery.  I don't know what it is about that noise, if it's the pitch or the unfamiliarity, but it makes Bandit so upset.  We knew we didn't have any of the square batteries (trust me, I am going to buy a value pack of them today!), so we just shut our bedroom door and tried to go back to sleep.  Well, Bandit curled up in between the two of us, by our heads, and growled each time the beep went off.  All.Night.Long.  Do you think God is trying to help us get ready for our little one?  I do.  On the bright side, Hubby was very sweet to Bandit.  I would wake up and hear him talking to him, telling him it was okay, very calmly.  It was cute.

Then, we had next to no water pressure this morning.  I have no idea why, or what is going on, but it made for a not so great shower.

I started the dryer after I got out of the shower to fluff the clothes that I didn't fold last night (oops).  Being preggo, my clothing options are very limited.  So, I've learned to plan out my outfits the evening before to avoid getting upset and flustered in the mornings.  When I pulled out my new brown chords, they had detergent powder on them.  How does that happen?  I guess they got wadded up in the wash and all the soap didn't come off?  So, then it was back to the drawing board for clothes.  Let's just say that I don't look like a fashionista today.  And, of course, my boss scheduled a lunch meeting.  Nice.

Finally, I'm off to work.  It's raining, so everyone is driving very slowly.  I allowed myself an hour to get to work (keep in mind it is 7.4 miles) and barely made it on time.  A light at a major intersection was blinking red.  I have never lived anywhere, in my life (and I've lived a lot of places) that has so many lights go out!  And, this is a huge intersection, with 17 different lanes waiting to go.  Do you know how long it takes that many people to get through a light?  I'll tell you - 28 minutes.  My goodness.  My goal for today is to find out what number you call to report stop lights that are not working.  You cannot tell me that not one police person was available to direct traffic through that light.  We live in a large city for goodness sakes!

So, while I am waiting in this stop and go traffic, I somehow managed to miss my mouth and pour my pine-orange-banana juice down the front of my shirt and in my lap.  Nice, very nice.  I guess I should be glad it wasn't a hot drink, and that it at least smells good : )

I kept trying to remind myself this morning, Michelle, this is exactly where God wants you to be, and everyone else waiting in this traffic.  He is keeping you safe, right where he wants to.  Try to embrace it.  Then, when I was pulling into work, I heard a story on the radio.  This woman was pregnant, and the doctors told her that her baby had all kinds of things wrong with him.  A full laundry list that any pregnant woman would fear.  Under developed heart, unformed bones, brain name it, she listed it.  She went to 7 different doctors, and they all told her the same thing - abort the pregnancy, this baby will not have a normal life, he will die within a few moments of birth, it would be cruel to keep him alive, even in the womb.  She said she prayed and prayed on her hands and knees like she had never prayed before, and made the decision to trust God and keep her baby.  Three days later he was born, PERFECT!

I think I needed to hear that this morning.  Hubby had a horrible work day, and I really felt like he needed my support.  That story helped me put things into perspective and be a kind, listening, supportive wife.  Thank you God, for putting me right where you needed me : )


Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw sorry you were having a rough day! That's sweet of you to lend a listening ear and being there for your hubby!

p.s. my dog is scared of the alarm beeping too!

Kristen said...

oh man! My Monday was much the same as yours! But you're right, sometimes we are right where we need to be even if it doesn't seem like it at the time! Hope Tuesday is better!

The Rogerson Family said...

3-1-1 is the number to report any traffic light outages, potholes etc! And why is that the smoke dectors decide to beep in the middle of the night? Ours has done it and scared the crap out of us both. Happy Tuesday.

Jen said...

Ugg, now that was not a good way to start the day :-( Hopefully the rest of your week goes better!! :-)

Happy Tuesday Darlin'! xo

Oh, and stop by and enter my GIVEAWAY!

michelle ellis said...

Thank you sweet girls!
3-1-1, who would have thought!? Thank you so so much, that made my whole day better! I know I will be getting a ton of use out of that number!
Kristin, I'm so sorry you had a rough Monday too! I hope today was so much better!

michelle ellis said...

Jen, your blog is just too cutie!! LOVE it!