Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where did Sunday go?

We are having the hardest time finding a church home.  We even had an argument about it last night.  How awful is that?  To argue about church?  Hmmpphh.

You see, we have been going to the same church for a few years, but we both know it's not our church home.  Over the past few months, I have had this inner NEED to find a church home.  Hubby and I need a Bible Study.  I need other women to worship with.  Hubby doesn't really want to go around trying out new this makes it really hard.  He is frustrated too.  It seems like each church that we find is either too small, with people that we really don't feel like we have that much in common with, or they are a super church with a full out rock concert before the service.  We both grew up in moderately conservative churches, and would like to find something like that now.  I don't mind lots of songs, but could you please leave the lights on and turn off the fog machines?  I don't mind the casual dress, but could you please encourage the teenage girls to not wear shorts they would not be allowed to wear in school, or ask that men do not wear ball caps? 

The church we visited today had a wonderful message, and I enjoyed that part.  They served communion without explaining what it was, or praying.  They sang a song and said you could come and get it from one of the many stands in the church and say your own prayer.  This bothered me.  I know there were people there that didn't understand what taking communion meant.  The coffee bar, donut stand, smoothie bar, rock concert...I could do without.  There were people in work out clothes there. I admire that everyone is welcome.  I admire the "come as you are" atmosphere.  On Wednesday night church.  I cried as we left today, frustrated (and a little hormonal to be honest) and asked hubby, "Where did Sunday go?".  All of these church services feel like youth group or Wednesday night church.  Could we please sing a hymn?  Could we please dress up for God for one morning?  Could we please do without coffee for an hour during service?  Where is Sunday morning?

Those of you that go to churches like this - if I come across as offensive, I truly apologize.  That is not my intent.  Is this the type of church you always dreamed of?  Do you like this relaxed environment?  Is it something that took getting used to?

The programs in these large churches are amazing.  Hubby and I are wondering if we have to sacrifice our "Sunday Mornings" for a church home that has everything we are looking for.

Those of you that have found your church homes, if you don't mind sharing - how did you find them?  How did you know that church was the one for you?


~Sarah~ said...

It makes me so sad for you to hear you are going through such a hard time when it comes to finding a church to call home!! From one conservative Baptist to another conservative (not sure if you are Baptist, lol) I totally understand your frustration and feel your pain. I go to a great Baptist church, one that has done many good things for me and for my son. I LOVE my pastor and honestly don't know what I would do if he left the church!! Are church is somewhat like you described. We have 2 services, one contemporary and one traditional. I personally go to the first service because I love the songs. We don't have a rock-n-roll party but we do have a band that goes along with the praise team who leads the music worship. I like you don't understand why people feel like church is a time to drink your coffee and wear clothes you would wear to a cook out. I mean personally I sometimes feel like looking at those people and asking if you can dress up to go out to dinner or to a party, why can't you dress up for God?? I actually take it as a sign of disrespect, but please understand that is just my opinion. I am not saying if you don't have anything nice to wear, to let that stop you from coming to worship the Lord, but golly gee if you have nice clothes, WEAR them on Sunday morning!! Maybe if we had more adults leading by example we wouln't have so many teens who feel it appropriate to wear some of the things they choose to wear. I have never seen such SHORT SHORTS in my life on some of these girls!! CRAZY!! I am sorry, this is one of my soap boxes, lol I am just like you, wondering where the days of getting up, putting on your dress and heels, men putting on their suits and ties and going to worship the Lord have gone? I mean if smokers go an hour without smoking, why can't coffee drinkers go an hour without coffee?? WOW, I am so sorry for taking up so much room on your blog, lol I guess what I am trying to say after all this, is you are not alone. Don't give up, don't stop praying and seeking. God will lead you and your husband to the perfect church home/family!!

God Bless You Both!!

rootedinlove said...

I don't really have any advice, but just wanted to tell you that this post encouraged me! We go to a small conservative church and I often feel like maybe we are missing out on something because we don't go to a hip church. But you reminded me that just because we are small doesn't mean that what the newer churches is better. I'm with you, I prefer the more traditional stuff. Hope the Lord leads you to a church home soon!

Shana said...

We are looking too and it is so hard :( Good luck!!

Candice said...

I'mwith you! I am having the same struggle! I hope you find a place you love soon!

Melanie said...

Hi Michelle,
I don't comment often. Sorry! But I do want to say that you will find your church home! It can be frustrating at times and discouraging. But have hope! God will let you know which one! With me, I just had this feeling of being "home". I was welcomed & I had felt the presence of God like I never had.

I actually think that we live close from things you've said on your blog. I have been going to my church for 5yrs & my husband has gone to it for 10. It's called Hosanna, their website is My husband and I are both on the worship team and we love it! Don't worry, I'm not trying to push my church on you! Ha!

But if you live close you can always come and see if it is the one for you! Check out the website! =)

Good luck and God will be faithful!

Lisa♥H said...

Hey there Michelle! I am so sorry you're frustrated. Finding a new church home can be a lengthy search. Be in earnest & constant prayer about this and God will show you where He wants you. I will be praying for you too!