Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big 12 Picks - Week 1

I am SO excited about football this weekend!  Here are a few of the Big 12 games that I am excited about...and my picks.

My Aggies are playing SFA.  We better blow it out of the water!!!

Eat 'em up Cats!  Hubby went to Sam Houston :)  His sister went to Baylor.  Needless to say, Baylor will take the win, but we are going to root for the Bearkats.

As an Aggie, I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to like Oklahoma, but I have such a respect for their program.  I'm looking forward to watching their win against Utah State.  Everytime I watch one of their games, their fight song gets stuck in my head for hours - haha!

Hubby is a Cornhusker at heart.  His family is from Nebraska, and he has loved them for as long as he can remember.  He is heartbroken that they are leaving the Big 12.  I'm pretty sure they are going to rock Western Kentucky.  I'm looking forward to see who they start as QB...they have been so elusive about it!

Um..I'm pretty sure the longhorns are going to beat Rice.  I do think it's cool that the game is here at Reliant.  Is anyone going?

Those are my key Big 12 games this week.  And, because I can't help myself, I'm excited to watch Auburn and Arkansas State.  I grew up in Alabama, and Auburn was my school of choice :)


Laura said...

I will be at the Relient cheering on my longhorns. I'm super excited because it's my husbands first college game. I think its nuts that he has never been to a college football game as big of a nut he is.

As a longhorn I by far can not like OU but I also share a mutual respect for the organization. Though they lost a nice chunk of talent last year so I'm looking forward to seeing how they preform this year.

I didn't grow up in Alabama but my family does reside their and growing up I was an AU girl (almost went for college) but my family are Bama all the way.

Jo's Health Corner said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for following my blog, Jo's Health Corner!

I was born and raised in Sweden but I am slowly getting the hang of football living in Texas..My oldest plays Varsity at the local high school and he is now excited that it is past September first. He can put his college recruiting into high gear! He has been sitting all summer sending out mail and calling colleges, but now it is more real..

Candice said...

I love your picks, I was going to do the same thing! :) I could NOT be more excited football is finally here!
I'll be rooting for Alabama this weekend.....can we still be friends?! :)

michelle ellis said...

haha! Candice, of course we can still be friends : ) Except for Alabama Auburn weekend!!

michelle ellis said...

Laura, I'm pretty sure you and I are destined to be friends :)

I took my hubby to his first college game a few years ago, and he has been hooked ever since!

Have so much fun at the game this weekend!!

Katie said...

I wish I loved college football, I mean I should, since I'm surrounded by die hard VTech fans. It probably didn't help that William and Mary's football team rarely won a game.

I'm a huge college basketball fan and I just can't get that same feeling about football. But I hope all of your teams win, especially TX A&M!