Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Texans Game

Hubby and I went to the Texans - Cowboys game on Sunday.  We were SO excited.  While we had a great time for most of the experience, it just stinks that we lost.

Remember when you were dating, and a boy disappointed you?  At that time, I usually took a break to evaluate things and decide if I wanted to see them again.  That's how I feel about our Texans.  We are on a break.  I was so disappointed in them on Sunday.  They have so much talent - and it was like they didn't show up on Sunday.  There was such a lack of heart, of intensity.  Hubby thinks I'm crazy - but I need a break from them.  I won't be watching them this week.  Wounds take time to heal - haha!

We got tickets to the pregame Churasscos Club.  Oh my - it was amazing!!  Like a wonderful charity dinner or something.  They had assigned seating, reception style, waiters and waitresses wondering around with all kinds of cool drinks, tons of food, a band, a DJ, and huge screens playing the pregame everywhere!  We decided that we should do this once a season.  It was such a treat!

Our seats were amazing.  EXCEPT for one thing - we sat by some of the worst Cowboys fans EVER.  They were rude, crude, disrespectful and just awful.  Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Cowboys fans in general - my parents and sister bleed Dallas blue - but the ones surrounding us were terrible.  We left during the last fumble.  Hubby was fuming.  It was time.

In my alternate life, I swear I would be a professional cheerleader, or a go-go dancer (a classy one of course) - haha!  I am fascinated with them!

Maybe I will be over our loss next week...maybe.  Until then, the Texans and I are on a break!


B said...

Lucky! Looks like y'all had a blast :)

Laura said...

We thought we bought tickets for the game but somehow my father in law messed up and bought the preseason tickets instead. Oh well that was a fun time for them (Texans fans) as the Cowboys didn't show up to that game.

My darling Husband was a cloud nine after the game sunday (die hard cowboys fan) but would only watch the game at home just in case it had gone the other way.

Candice said...

I wish I could have a pair of those boots! :)
Although I still think the Cowboys cheerleaders have the cutest uniforms!

Tiffany said...

I'm not a huge football fan, but it is a shame the Texans lost. My brother is a huge football fan and he was going back and forth with a few of his friends (Cowboy fans) before the game. They definitely aren't letting him live that loss down. I think he gets several daily reminders :lol: Anyways, even though they lost it looks like you had a great time. What a nice pre-game experience.

Becca said...

We were hoping the Texans would triumph just to shut up all the annoying Cowboys fans up here in Big D. Sadly this didn't happen.